Aug 09

It was Charles Laughton as Quasimodo the Hunchback in The 1930’s Hunchback of Notre Dame that made me swear to myself that I would never be a part of a “mob”. My Alpha Mentality makes it hard for me to be one of those people spurred on by others to “burn the witch”, picket the building, or lynch the —– wait never mind. It’s all the same to me, a bunch of simple people being led by a single thought, forgoing individuality to become a mob. No thank you, unless I am at the head of it all, I want no part of it.

Mobs don’t think, they react and follow

In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo was a broken hunchback bell ringer for the church. His master, a high ranking church official saw a beautiful gypsie girl and orders the hunchback to kidnap her. Doing as he was told, Quasimodo snatches the girl up and is arrested for it by the captain of the guards. As punishment for his part in the crime Quasimodo is ordered to receive 40 lashes with a cat o’ nine tails whip within the town square.

Beaten within an inch of his life (even the guy whipping him was tired) and begging for some water on that hot dry day of his whipping, Quasimodo was further accosted by the townspeople. A mob of angry, ignorant, dirty people tossing rotten fruit, stones, anything they could in a frenzy of “kill the hunchback” with but the word of his accuser to go off of. It was a great depiction of people and their willingness to add pain to the downtrodden without any need for explanation.

Recently with the “not guilty” verdict of Casey Anthony I was reminded of that mob mentality as I am reminded every time major news breaks over a social network. People who have no background in the cases, know nothing of the people (immigration as an example), and are unaware of their privilege, mob up and begin lobbing tomatoes virtually.

It is an impressive display of human beings at their lowest to see a mob riot, burn their own city, call for the life of another person or echo untruths without any real knowledge. It makes atrocities in history which involved whole nations make sense to me. It made me realize that Adolph Hitler having the SS round up all the Alphas who spoke against him was crucial to having a mob enact his reign of hell. Mob mentality fuels cults, Klans, and neighborhood riots. It’s as scary as it is intriguing to study, but it will never be my reality as long as I draw breath.

Are you part of the mob, or do you take time to analyse, study and think for yourself? 75% of you are a mob, 20% of you can be convinced to join them and about 5% of you are Alpha thinkers. If you ever wondered how mass suicide works, just take a look inside and be upfront with what you are. Being quick to join the popular crowd is being quick to drink the poisoned Kool-aid just because everybody else did it. Be careful out there, mobs are one quick way to get yourself burned, hosed or killed. What if your fellow rioters turned on you instead?

Check out The Hunchback of Notre Dame if you love classical movies. It is one of the best ever.

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