Nov 02

I’m Alpha. Tough shit if you don’t like it or agree with me, but I have Superwoman Syndrome. Although syndrome makes it sounds like an affliction (sometimes is, I guess) – I get mad amounts of work done in a day. In a normal day, I’ll probably have 2 meetings, be on my BlackBerry whilst walking, replying and checking more emails, returning and answering calls and staying up to date with friends and family.

Trouble with me, is that I.Just.Cannot.Slow.Down. I’m usually wide awake in bed and my mind is always running in fast forward. I don’t know how to relax because I fear that I haven’t got something done in the day. And that of course this affects relationships. Men have accused me of being aggressive, too much to bear or handle, argumentative, hot headed and every name that’s derogatory about being ambitious under the sun. I’m used to it really.

When i was younger, I was in a long term relationship with a man (for about a year or so) and things were lovely. When i met him, i was still in college and was going to a University the following year. In that year, things dramatically changed. My dad passed away and he never came to the funeral much less supported me and I STILL stayed with the idiot because I genuinely believed that he loved me. WRONG! *buzzer sound*. Subconsciously, I started to distance myself and as I felt myself growing into the woman i was meant to be – his presence increasingly frustrated me. I began to resent him more and more, day by day. Eventually, i called time on it when it all became too much for me.

Back when i was younger, I didn’t realize that average guys just do NOT cut it for me. “Average” guys with dead-end lives, no ambition and being assholes in general. Now? Fast forward a few years and I don’t even LOOK at most guys that come my way, much less stop to entertain their stupidity. I have focus, drive and a goal (10 million of them) to reach. An Alpha woman can only be with a man who is a warrior physically and a champion at heart. I make life very difficult for myself because I am a loving and very caring woman but I drive an extremely hard bargain when it comes to relationships and I have no trouble slamming the door in a man’s face, should he act out of line. I don’t have the time for fools.

98% of the guys would want to date me because of my physical appearance and because i have more than half a brain but that % could never ever handle me in all of my elixir. I’d intimidate, threaten and scare the shit out of a majority of these guys who are curious as to what I’m actually about.

I respect and honor champions. I know they are rare but i really love them.

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  • Jimmy

    “An Alpha woman can only be with a man who is a warrior physically and a champion at heart.”

    You can’t have both. There is a reason pretty boys are called pretty “BOYS” and ugly is only a moniker you give to men.

    The pretty boy has had an easy life, given everything because he is never rejected: women give him sex right away without commitment, other guys envy him and want to be him. But here is his problem, he has no ambition in his life because he has never known want. When you are given everything, then you have no real passion, you have no real desire. A pretty boy is NEVER ambitious, he skates by in life because life allows him to skate by.

    Ugly men? They are given nothing and have two options, suicide or taking what they want from this world. If you meet an ugly guy who is older than 30, then you are meeting someone with limitless desire and ambition. He has survived continual rejection and found some goal in life that drives him to live every day so that he can take that goal and then fight toward the next one. The ugly man knows the world is cruel and cold and knows all that he desires will never be given to him; that’s what makes the ugly man a fighter and a true champion.

  • Eric

    Yeah, Nadia, that’s just what an alpha man wants.

    A tough nasty bitch who enjoys kicking him the gnads every day. I would definitely choose that girl over the dozens of nicer girls who know their place and put more effort into pleasing me.

    Be content to be alone.

    • Alpha Woman

      Why should we, when you’re doing it so well? 🙂

  • Nadia

    Jimmy, thank you for your constructive input. You hold an extremely valuable point. A warrior physically doesn’t necessarily mean that he must look like a Greek God.

    And Good morning to you too Eric. An Alpha Man wants a woman who can match him. I’m sorry but since when did an Alpha Woman become a ball busting bitch. No. A bitch is just a bitch full stop and i am ashamed of seeing lady dog like qualities in any female.
    Of course you’d choose the nicer girls. Nice girls are doormats who don’t stand up for themselves, are far too accommodating, don’t give a man a challenge and frankly are too busy shrinking themselves to make their “man” feel big and bad about himself.

    Thats not a man. Thats a manboy who’s hiding in a shell of a 12 year old juvenile.
    “Dozens of girls who know their place…pleasing you” LMAO. Yeah. Exactly what i thought. You don’t want a real woman, you want a doormat because you cannot bear a female challenging what little masculinity you claim you have.

    There’s a big difference between being alone and being single. You ought to educate yourself on that someday.

  • Eric

    “An Alpha Man wants a woman who can match him…. Thats not a man. Thats a manboy who’s hiding in a shell of a 12 year old juvenile.”

    Are you projecting your fantasy-world expectations into real life? Or are you trying to rationalize why you are alone (and can’t find somebody)? Alpha men are rare. We exist, and unlike what you think, we like women who willingly submit and affirm this alpha status. Just because you don’t like the beta men who willingly complement your dominance doesn’t change this fact. You just project the man you want and assume that he has to want you. Big assumption.

    I like feminine women, and “alpha” women are not feminine. The idea that a strong man wants to compete with his overachieving woman just doesn’t match reality.

    It’s a sad pity that modern society has bred vast numbers of women who cannot find a suitable partner. I’m firmly convinced that Western society will kill itself off.

    • 305 gal

      alpha males don’t go on the internet picking fights with women..

  • Eric

    And women everywhere take potshots. Typical.

  • PK

    In this world there are only two places Making Dust and Eating Dust — There are MEN and there are Males. Instead of complaining and picking, YOU have the choice to change yourself. All your choices lead to who you are now and who you have the ability to become.
    What is your decision Eric?