Feb 26

everybody karaoke

You go to a house party and are having fun when the host breaks out the Karaoke machine and everyone is excited. One of your friends steps up, grabs the mic and belts out some lyrics–poorly–and everyone is with it; singing along and cheering him on with much laughter.

You wonder why he has the courage to do it and why he doesn’t care that others may laugh at him… after all it’s normal to make fun of people who are acting the fool right? So why is everybody into this Karaoke thing?

If this has been you in the past then you misunderstand the art and the point of Karaoke. It isn’t a talent competition, and unlike your lady friend with the professional singing voice believes, it isn’t a platform for showcasing your skills either.

Karaoke is simply a party for you and yours that uses song as it’s main stage. Some may even say that Karaoke is supposed to sound bad because the majority of people who do it are not trained singers, or born talents like the folks you hear on the radio.

So let’s find a way for you to break the ice, climb from under your shell and pop your Karaoke cherry shall we?

1. Find a Karaoke-friendly atmosphere

First of all find a collective of Karaoke loving friends to do it with you. Keep the cynics at home, especially those who won’t sing but sit back to ridicule those who do because it makes them feel better about themselves. Leave the jackasses at home and get together with some Karaoke vets. 

Believe it or not one of the best places to pop that cherry is in public at a bar that has a Karaoke machine available. Trust me it is very easy there because the patrons are always encouraging, nobody will ever boo you and the selection of songs are massive.

2. Find a song you actually know 

You sing the song in your car when it comes on, you whistle it while you are doing yard work and you are pretty damn sure the lyrics were written for you. Well find it and sing your heart out into that Karaoke device! More than anything else it is enthusiasm that drives a great Karaoke party so if you own that song it will not matter how badly you sound, people will treat you like a rock star.

Observe the great Jim Carrey in the movie Cable Guy as he shows how enthusiasm is what makes Karaoke work:

Of course we all can’t be as dynamic as Jim Carrey is in that role but the point of the matter is that you should really, really love the song that you’re performing.

Once you get that song out of your system and you get that typical love and adoration from the people listening, you will not feel bashful about singing Karaoke ever again. That’s how it works – do it once and you’re hooked for life.

So go ahead and try it, because that’s all it really takes. Nobody is out to get you and Karaoke is fun for all; take it from the man who got a standing ovation at a country bar for killing Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin. If I can act the fool trust me, so can you.

So, do you want to get into Karaoke?

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  • I certainly think it makes it more enjoyable when the person actually knows the words to a song. I love how on Carnival Cruises they have Karaoke Night (each night) and I’ve had the opportunity to hear horrible singing and pretty good singing during these events. I love singing karaoke and listening to it as well — from both those who can sing and those who cannot hold a note.

    • You know for me it’s all about the performance. The more a person can lose themselves into the song and essentially become their favorite act or artist, the more fun it is for everyone no matter how bad they are. The last Carnival Cruise we went on we witnessed this sloppily drunk guy crooning his ass off to a song he barely knew… it was actually amazing to watch and he turned the room out LOL!! I love karaoke, no matter my introverted ways if you hand me a mic and some oldies I am America’s Idol.

  • Awesome article Greg! Hit the nail right on the head as usual 🙂