Feb 21

Hello my fellow IT nerds; one thing that I have noticed about our profession besides the loud discussions on MMORPG’s and the war of the cell phone companies is that we can be some of the most sloppy, uncoordinated dressers in the building. While I chalk this up to our attention being paid to other things that we deem important, it is still something that can be remedied… if you want to attract the attention of the new girl who you are instant messaging your buddies about behind her back… it can be as simple as taking time to adjust your wardrobe – you know, the trivial things!

Let us start by discussing money…

You make over $50,000 a year, you do not spend much of it (outside of video games and random hobbies) so you are naturally a “saver” that doesn’t spend too much time worrying about it. You have bread, and while a lot of women do not realize this because you dress like a bum, you can change your dating life by spending a couple dollars out of that $30k you have in a savings account in order to upgrade your looks a bit.

Shirt and Tie – Wear Them Right or Don’t Wear Them At All

If your job forces you to dress “professionally” and you are made to wear a shirt and tie, there are some basic rules you should follow to not look like a frump. Cadillac Collins wrote an excellent series on dressing which you can find HERE, but a few pointers will send you on your way without having to master it…

Absolutely no clip-ons, ever! There are many guides on YouTUBE and Google on how to tie a double Windsor, so do yourself a favor and learn how to tie your own tie… actually, here ya go:

The tie should not extend past your belt, or stop above your belly button. Try to get the tie to reach your belt and hang out there… nothing screams bad dresser like a super short tie, a mega-tight Windsor knot or an overly long tie with the end peeking out near the neck.

Shoes and Socks Gets The Girl

If your shoes are looking rough, or old, you may need to go and buy a new pair. New shoes always feel good and they will spark your confidence when you walk into work and the world takes notice of your shiny set of wheels. Get yourself a black, a brown and a semi-casual pair and mix it up when you can so that you aren’t that guy who wears the same busted boots every day.

Please purchase socks that come above your ankles if you are doing the professional thing, and you should keep it safe by sticking to flat blacks, blues and browns. Only masters of this form of dress can get away with pattern socks – if you know you suck at this, then buy a pack of 10 black dress socks and make sure that they are long.

High-water Pants…

WHY ARE YOU WEARING THEM!? Please for the love of god go out and get pants that fit well.

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Nerd Flag Fly

I am fortunate enough to work around some nerds who are smart as a whip and simultaneously can dress like a champ. These boys exude confidence but they don’t sacrifice their nerd swag to do it. Lean in on one of their ties and you’ll notice that the pattern is a bunch of CPU icons. Check out the shoes and it’s some mock saddle shoe flair with an extra flavor of gangster with it. They dress so that their own kind can identify but the birds are barely aware of it… to a woman, these guys have their act together and they have no problem pulling chicks.

So the next time you want to make yourself more approachable when you are out and about fixing PCs and you want to up your dress game a bit… spend a little coin and pay attention. With the power of Google and articles such as this one, I should not be in meetings looking at your 2 inch black socks barely covering your ashy ankles as you break man-laws by crossing your legs. Nor should I see your busted boots and high-water pants with the shirt hanging out – when I know you are making damn near 6 figures a year.

Come on nerds let’s get flavorful, just because we’re stereotyped to dress like lames doesn’t mean we have to fall in line with it.

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