Feb 27

 Jared Leto with hairbun pointing

Editor’s note: This is a lighthearted post made to address the current trend of men wearing “buns” and is not meant to harass or offend. If you have a man-bun and are already offended (I know you are), you may want to keep it moving. All credit for this post goes to Jordan the barber of properbarbershop.com. If you need that top-knot chopped off properly, holler at your man.

As a veteran esthetics professional, I feel it my duty to respond to this trend.

Gentlemen, it is my opinion that said hairstyle looks amazing on exactly 1% of the male population. Exemptions include actual Samurai and people of Asian or Pacific Island decent.. Last exemption goes to dudes who really and truly, don’t give a fuck.

If you have been paid for being really, really, ridiculously good looking or, you’re auditioning to be in the next Abercrombie and Fitch look book or, you’re one of those dudes that spends 30+ hours a week in the gym and grows a beard in 11 seconds and has a body full of perfect tattoos, you have my full support. Rock that shit. Hard.

Guys, if you don’t believe yourself to be in any of the aforementioned categories please consult with your barber today to find a look for you. I, of course recommend a classic cut. They’re classic because they look sharp on about 99% of the population.

To Ladies who love the man-bun, here’s the thing. The fellas that you’re posting on your Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler accounts rocking man-buns are in that 1%. They’re all beautiful men. Beautiful. And would be with or without the Samurai knot.

If the “normal” dude, you know the stylish, cute-in-the-right-light-guy, the one that makes you laugh just enough at the bar to consider short term companionship with were to wear a man-bun, my contention is that you’d compliment his bun and move on to find someone closer to the 1% to “dance” in reckless abandon with.

In conclusion, if Vice Magazine did a “Do’s and Don’t’s” special on the man-bun.. 99% of them would fall to the latter category. So, look in the mirror, guys. Are you in the 1%?

Jordan Elliott Weinstein
Owner, Proper Barber Shop | Denver CO

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