Jan 07

I’m very torn on the aspect of sperm donation because on one hand it is a sense of men devaluing our seed and on the other hand it is a way for women who want children (sans men) to have them.

Donating sperm is scarily similar to an Amazonian type of world where leagues of women keep one man alive as a seed factory. To be quite blunt, outside of a few situations where it is an act of kindness… it does men as a whole a disservice in reducing us to being somewhat disposable. This is just my opinion.

The Unfortunate Circumstance of William Marotta

3 years ago a lesbian couple in Kansas – Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner placed an ad on Craigslist for a sperm donor to bring a little bundle of joy into their lives. The ad was answered by a man named William Marotta and through artificial insemination Jennifer Schreiner was made pregnant. The deal was not a financial one (allegedly) and Marotta did it to help the couple realize their dream for parenting.

william marotta

William Marotta signed a written agreement that released him from any parenting duties for the future child as it was meant for the couple in question to take on that task. Fast-forward to today and the Kansas Department for Children and Families is demanding that William Marotta pay child support for the three-year old girl after Bauer and Schreiner got on welfare.

Yes you read that right… a sperm donor is being made to pay child support.

While the news of this situation goes viral it seems that the weight of the blame is being placed on the state of Kansas for going after Marotta but there are a couple of things to suggest that the mother and her lover got this man in trouble inadvertently.

  1. Statute 23-2208(f) of the law states that Schreiner needed to have a licensed physician perform the artificial insemination… which didn’t happen.
  2. When the women signed up for welfare they surrendered this man’s name who should have remained anonymous in order for them to get help. (I’m sorry but they buried him right here.)

Marotta has already spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to an attorney to fight this thing and is hoping that on January 8th the case will be dismissed against him. He isn’t resentful of the mother for her involvement but is rightfully angry at the situation.

If you are considering the “sharing” of your seed in the future with strangers I would urge you as a man to do your homework 100 times over or just say no. The system is one that is made to punish dead-beats but it does not care about any innocent bystanders that get clipped in the crossfire.

Because we men jerk off and spill our seed so liberally at will, do we devalue the fact that they are live bullets capable of meeting an egg to produce life? In situations that involve children or potential children we need to think more responsibly in order to protect them and to protect ourselves.

Men of the Hall, would you give up your sperm to someone who asked for it?

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  • thndrgrv

    Simple. No!

  • Say what

    So let me get this straight this nasty mf hooked up with some dikes off Craigs List? Not a clinic but the same Craigs List where people buy ass and is wondering how he’s in legal trouble with them now? Makes sense you have it filed under Dumbass of the day becasue if that don’t bout say all!