Aug 29

librarian hawte

Dark hair pulled back in a bun with glasses, and a cute shape is the abstract… she has on a formal business suit (skirt of course) which shows enough leg to let you know that there is fire hidden under that guise.

Does this woman even exist anymore? Has she ever existed? The job title is one that no longer has the backdrop of a million tomes and the mysterious desk where she sits; ready to scold us for being too loud or give us a stern look while peering over her glasses.

Today’s librarians are regular guys and gals, some being kids doing a side-job to get through school or earn extra money. The hot librarian has become a fantasy of adult movies and raunchy short stories. But when I think about it, the librarian and the “hot teacher” are the same creature aren’t they?

What is it that we find so sexy about it? Let’s make a list:

  1. Glasses are a symbol of intelligence in sexy-land, and a smart woman giving us “instruction” is always hot.
  2. The tight bun to disguise her long locks is symbolic of the hidden freak that will come out once the ice has melted.
  3. The stern features, business attire, and position shows authority. Many men find a little bit of domineering to be sexy, so it only makes sense.
  4. In the case of a librarian or teacher, having a desk also plays a strong role in the fantasy…
  5. There is also the taboo element of “breaking the rules” since it’s illegal to sleep with a teacher even if you are of age… in Texas.

Take a look at this Pearle Vision Commercial and see what it does to you…

Whew (adjusts tie)! I took some notes just then… first thing that happened was that I could not stop staring at her eyes. Sexy librarian hypnotized me! Then when she whipped the hair I swallowed hard and was anticipating something! Beyond my list above I feel like there is something mystical about the librarian and her “late fees”.

But have I ever met this woman in real life?

I’ve gone to a lot of libraries as a youth and the girl in the Pearle Vision ad was never working there. However… the places that I have seen girls like that were:

  • Behind the counter at the movies (jail bait alarm was glowing red though)
  • English literature class in college
  • Art Shows
  • Subways while taking lunch during Jury Duty (I think she was a Teller)
  • Admin at a Doctor, Dentist, or Chiropractor’s office

It’s as if this “look” was merely a uniform worn by many women, and not one that is indicative of a Librarian’s position.  Kind of a disappointment isn’t it?

Create Your Own Sexy Librarian…

On the bright side you can always date/marry an intelligent woman, have her tie the hair back in a bun, throw on some glasses and makeup with a pant suit then scold you for… I don’t know… leaving your socks on the living room floor. Trust me when I say that it works just as well as the strange librarian fantasy… just as long as she keeps the uniform on as long as possible.

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    Not a myth Greg Dragon I married a sexy librarian.