Nov 30

So I have heard this opinion more than once on blogs – usually of course from married guy or bitter single chick. While I can see some merit in the serial dater turned husband of the year giving advice, I can’t accept it as a blanket statement. Why would a guy who got married at 18-19 and has only been with his wife be a better dating coach than the guy with a book full of numbers and constant booty floating in and out of his bedroom?

Look, while long-term marriage guy can tell me how to keep a woman, I wouldn’t look to him to tell me how to get her in the first place. The dating game can be pretty dynamic so advice should always be taken with a grain of salt. Still when it comes to who tells you what then consider the source, is his resume reflective of his advice or is he a serial dater telling you theories on how to keep a woman? Many married guys have foolish notions that they have the game figured out because their grade school sweetheart married them right after prom but they have never dated so they will be merely guessing at dating questions.

Different Strokes for Single Folks

One of the biggest differences in advice when it comes to the source is in the goal. While your married friend Barry may have the best advice for getting you a woman, your oversexed buddy Leon may also have good advice for getting you hooked up too. The difference however is that Barry is trying to get you a wife while Leon is trying to get you laid. So in the grand scheme of things, the advice you get should be based on your intent. Are you trying to get laid? Yes? Then shut out the married guy completely from your dating life and escapades, but if you are looking for a wife then sure let Barry’s wife Charlene hook you up with her cousin Kenya and lock it up.

Think about it folks, who would give you the best advice on sex? The prostitute or the prude? The pimp or the scholar? The porn star or the virgin? All I’m saying is that advice should come from those with experience, not theorists that assume that a ring automatically comes with a PHD in The Game. If you don’t know your adviser’s history then have him run it down to you, and ask him how he met his wife. Don’t be an asshole about it, just consider the source.

While we clown Steve Harvey on being divorced several times, fact of the matter is, he has stripes in courting since he has dated, proposed, married and divorced several times over. I would take his advice over some cat whose sister introduced him to her friend and they married a year later (him only being in one other relationship prior). Sorry I’m not buying the married guy as an expert blast. It’s another lazy comeback by frequent blog commenters that is meant to demean single guys. Try harder, the advice of a seasoned wolf is golden.

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