Jul 25

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Men, are you guilty of having chased the wrong woman in the past only to blame other women that came along for your bad luck? Well this seems to be the newest backlash by women who have grown tired of the “back then you didn’t want me, now I’m rich you’re all on me” narrative.

When I first heard this backlash it forced me to back up and do some self-reflection… am I guilty of this? I haven’t had the privilege of having a woman that shot me down in the past come back to “push up” but I still thought on the types of women that I WAS interested in during my College days.

Thinking back on it, the women that I sought were normally of what I assumed to be the reserved, cute, and intelligent type. I was largely unsuccessful because that type of woman can be introverted, shy, and very wary of our intentions. I never pursued any “popular” girls, or dime-pieces, or Sorority queens; actually I aimed mid-range to barely high in hopes that competition wasn’t enough that the girl’s head would be inflated. But with all that being said… am I strange for this?

Are most men shooting for the hottest woman on campus only to become bitter when she chooses to date the dumb jock instead? I wonder if there is any validity in this or is this just a blind rebound being invented by women who feel cornered by the nerd turned baller storyline.

Life is Not Hollywood

We all have been educated by shows and movies on this popular cliché. In the movies the repulsive, introverted, loser sits on the empty bleachers staring down at the snobby, sexy cheerleader who only has eyes for the dunce with an arm like Peyton Manning. The loser turns out to become CEO of a major company; the cheerleader becomes wife to the now fat ex-quarterback; and there’s that scene where she looks at him from afar feeling regret for choosing the wrong guy. This is a nerd’s fairytale

In the background of the movie is the nerd’s good friend who is a girl that looks out for him, is cute despite her braces and is frustrated that he sees her as invisible. The fairytale ending has her turning into a dime piece beauty with a job making six figures. What’s annoying about this cliché is that people accept it as fact. I am sure that there are people out there who have had their version of this story, but it isn’t everyone.

The truth as I see it is that most of the times guys that are awkward don’t approach.

These men never give the girl any indication that they like her and then have the nerve to get pissed when some other guy claims her heart. These guys get older, acquire a great career and life, then find that girl on Facebook looking bad and then say “see, and that dumb ass girl wasn’t even trying to talk to dudes like me”. I have witnessed this myself so I can cosign it as fact… but not all of us have pursued the “wrong” girl ladies? Come on now, it isn’t that easy.

Fellas, help me out here in the commentary. Have you been guilty of chasing the head cheerleader types in the past when all she wanted was the Quarterback?

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  • Drew

    I have learned that you have to put just as much effort into attempting to date a less attractive woman as you do a beautiful woman. So, if you are going to have to work your ass off to get the girl, than it better be worth it. Also, it hurts a lot more to be shot down by a homely woman.

  • Joy Guyton

    In all fairness women do the same thing. I think people should like those that like them. Unfortunately, many want what they can’t have and end up broken hearted, financially raped and depressed about rejection. If only life was that simple. It’s not easy to walk away from something pleasing to your eyes or other four senses.

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