Jun 26

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Here’s my take on this, my dear “Sugar Babies” of the world; if you are willingly giving up sex and time to a man for his money then you are a prostitute. Sorry, it’s too thin a line for me not to get confused over here.

I know that when people think of prostitutes they immediately imagine a chick in 6-inch stilettos, a bad wig, smeared on make-up, and no front teeth, walking the street and looking into cars to solicit sex – but if we break down the definition of prostitute then guess what?

There is a new craze taking over Universities and the popular waves of the internet and it is called Sugar Daddy Services. For those of you who aren’t in the know – this is a dating service online that pairs up old rich bastards with sexy, young college students who want a man to buy them pretty things.

I’m not knocking it

Look I know my tone sounds really negative towards this newest strain of tricking but I could care less how a Tute and her John decide to exchange services. I am the first to point out how a man who has money will have no qualms with buying the woman of his dreams.

It’s the real life equivalent of Enoch Thompson and his girlfriend Lucy from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. If you have never seen the show – Enoch is a powerful, old bastard and Lucy is a fine, young socialite who likes to burn money. The two are a match made in heaven in every case.

Men Will Trick

Normally if a man has been through life playing the game: he married, had kids, got divorced, has more money than he can spend… then when the mid-life crisis settles in he will find himself a fine, young tender to spoil… like her daddy.

Are you catching what I’m throwing at you here?

So we all know it happens; we all somewhat accept it as “the game”, so why not help stop the white slavery trade of illegal young girls for sex by making the sex trade fully legal?

sugar babySee it’s like drugs and old school prohibition; you will only get hard crime when the vice is made illegal, dirty and shady!

Hell during the Civil War America legalized prostitution for soldiers in order to slow down the run of STD’s that soldiers were contracting due to visiting the seedy underground spots.

Legalizing prostitution would make the pimps who kidnap 14 yr olds to turn them out take a serious hit to their business – being that the jackasses who would normally buy that girl would more than likely opt for a legal transaction that doesn’t have the chance of them getting arrested or robbed.

I have no way of backing up this claim but when prohibition was in play all it did was make a lot of gangsters into millionaires and kept a lot of funeral homes busy.

Let’s take the Sugar Baby craze to the next level and legalize the oldest occupation in the world so that any trick can be a girl’s Sugar Daddy!

After all if you look at these sites offering up Sugar Babies to Sugar Daddies with money it is in fact prostitution but played well enough to dance around the law. Why don’t we stop fooling ourselves and let a ho be a ho and a trick be a trick?

I imagine that one day when I am old, rich and not really giving much of a damn for societies rules there may be a Sugar Baby or 2 trying to dig my gold and I am not going to sit here and pretend that I may not let them.

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  • Hey Greg,

    I just ran across your blog while doing some research for a new book, and thought I’d chime in.

    Men of means always trade in commodities; whether outright or under the pretext of a relationship. How the hell else are they supposed to attract women half their age? They need a credit for the years, and money buys it.

    But this doesn’t make the women prostitutes because they are in long term relationships with these guys. They share the ups and downs and thus, pay their dues. Most hookers I know do their thing and split.

    So unless you want to make the argument that women who marry men because they are successful are all hookers, then I’d say that women who date men for the nice things they receive are in the same boat.

    In short, unless it’s cash on the barrel with stipulations in blatant terminology, it ain’t hookin’.

    • Wow… thanks for coming by Jay; I see your point in that it starts out as a trade – and let’s be honest we men know the trade works out pretty damn well. We trade a young woman’s hotness for our years of busting ass making money and in the end she sticks around and it becomes a real thing; I definitely do not speak to those couples even though I take pleasure in jabbing at them in many an article.

      It just seems to me that we are splitting hairs in the whole definition thing and should probably just let a hooker hook. I just don’t see it being any worse off for society than the culture of secrecy we have going on right now with that life.

      Men are going to buy sex, this extends from a man who wants to buy a long-term lady or a man who just wants to get off real quick and keep it moving. so legalize it, tax it, and take the money out of the hands of the inner city slave traders.

      I appreciate you coming by and commenting and hope you feel comfortable in doing so again. Thanks, and good luck with your book.

  • You shouldnt police morality. If it was legal then maybe slave traders would be curbed. America has a funny way of being all in other peoples business without fixing their own back yard. If a woman wants to sell her body it is hers and hers alone. Those brothels in Nevada seem to be doing well I really dont hear too much about the issues with them. If it can be done there it can be done everywhere. Some form of sex is being sold every second of the day. Whether is it actual sex or not

  • Will

    I noticed how your examples all involved older men with younger women. I’d like to point out that it’s becoming more and more common for older women to now seek out younger men. You can call them cougars or whatever you want. But really it’s not much different.