Jul 05

couple in a field

I was having lunch with a few of my co-workers at a sports bar when we noticed that the Quarterback from our local College team was there eating with a young woman. This was no big deal of course but when he left one of the guys asked the rest of us “did you see what that chick looked like?” and unfortunately no-one could confirm.

So you know why he asked this question? It’s pretty simple actually, we all expect superstar athletes to mess with beautiful women exclusively. Talk about pressure right?

I have often heard conversations by men on an athlete’s girlfriend or wife and it often takes on a different tone depending on what the woman looks like.

As an example we can use Tom Brady who is married to Supermodel Gisele Bundchen; men speak of Tom as a full on stud based on not only his remarkable career but because of the woman that he’s married to.

Even a Tom Brady hater does not go in as hard as he should just because of Gisele and when it comes to male conversation she finds her way in there sometimes and you can tell that it’s because men are proud of Tom for bagging her.

On the flip side let’s take an athlete with an arguably unattractive mate; see I cannot even name names because it doesn’t come up in conversation. For argument’s sake I don’t find Khloe Kardashian cute so let me throw her and her over-publicized family in this since she’s married to Lamar Odom.

While Lamar Odom is no superstar in the eyes of a sports fan, Khloe Kardashian is never ever mentioned… maybe to fans of that reality show; but as far as Lamar is concerned the conversation stays solely on him. To be honest she comes up periodically when the conversation is on distraction, him sucking, or him being an oddball.

David Beckham gets nothing but props from men, Derek Jeter since he only shops in the dime aisle; blogs and magazines love to post the top WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of the day. You can fool yourself all day long but in the end it does matter who the letterman brings to Prom.

A Culture Superficial

Gender champions rest easy – it actually goes both ways. I am sure that people who see Gisele Bundchen out and about would not be happy if she wasn’t with someone the level of Tom Brady (in looks and accolades).

If the chronically single Serena Williams was to announce her engagement to someone tomorrow, every man and woman that loves her would be checking for this guy to make sure that average Joe is nowhere in his name. We expect our superstars to be with trophy pieces or other superstars – the peasantry is just too low (stares at Jennifer Lopez).

I have seen people visibly upset when they see the star athlete’s girlfriend and she’s regular… both men and women. Women will say “why is he with her?” and men will say “what the hell, even I could pull that!” It’s because we have an expectation of the superstar to shoot for what we assume is the best.

So how does this make you feel my dear denizens of The Hall? Have you been guilty of shooting high expectations at an athlete or being disappointed when their mate isn’t all that? Or do you feel that we are pathetic and have never found yourself exhibiting any of the traits written here today?

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