Dec 20

One of the major disconnects that men and tomboys have is the fact that a rough-and-tumble girl usually has a large collection of guy friends. It would be silly to assume that a woman who partakes in things that are almost exclusively boys club would bond mostly with women when men are what she’s going to be most comfortable around due to her day-to-day.

Many people assume things from a distance and although the friendship may be innocent to her, for the guys in her circle 99.9% of them are trying in their own way to have sex with her.

As men we carry a lot of stigmas towards these women, not to say that women don’t have their fair share. In the last post I did on tomboys we had women commenting that they are all lesbians and a bunch of other noise so I know for a fact that women stigmatize Sporty Spice as much as men do.

We stigmatize tomboys as being whores (because they have many male friends), lesbians (because they dress down most days) and cheats (again for having many male friends). For these reasons it takes a special kind of confidence to be with a woman like this without the flawed notion of transforming her into the House Bunny (girly and pink).

What about the guy influence though?

I think that Tomboys are in the line of fire from horny guys a lot more than girly girls are. Guys are foul, we will wait in the bushes and as soon as a woman shows weakness we’ll have her waking up sore and regretful. That is a fact, but to the credit of the sporty chick, it isn’t anything new to have a bunch of guys waiting in the rafters and calling themselves her friend. It’s the sacrifice a boyfriend makes for having a woman with 10% body fat – how about some trust and confidence that you are enough for her not to be swayed elsewhere fellas?

Believe it or not a tomboy tends to think very much like a guy does when it comes to matters of the heart. Just like guys know little about a woman’s flirting versus being nice, many times the tomboy is clueless about her “best friend” really wanting to be her man. So unless you have a hardcore wolf and gamer trying his best to knock her off, you have nothing to worry about being that the other guys will back off once you’ve marked you territory.

Just Do It

So in conclusion if you have a cutie in your sights and she dresses down, plays basketball and is in your Fantasy Football league, do not let the haters in comments and on articles dissuade you. People are people and a woman isn’t any more promiscuous for liking sports than one who likes shopping and Reality TV.

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  • Alli

    Growing up with 2 big brothers, I’m definitely a tomboy…but far from a lesbian. The only time I wanna hang with lesbians is to play softball, of course. I wanna win! I find that being a hot girl, as well as a tomboy, can be a blessing but also a curse. I do have a ton of guy friends, and yes… they will probably ALL sleep with me if given the opportunity. I’m certainly not niave’ to that idea! I fulfill my need for male companionship thru my guy friends, which eliminates the urgency & desperation to search for a romantic relationship. However, my guy friends do not censor thier conduct AT ALL, when I’m around. Therefore, I know too much for my own good! I could go on & on about the topic…. but long story short. Having so many guy friends is THE ONLY REASON why I didn’t choose any idiot to get married to. But I am also alot more guarded because of what I’ve seen behind the scenes.

    • Akshay

      Hey.. same condition is with my girl.. she insisted she slept around.. we are in distance relationship. She uses fuck, pussy, shut so much.. she isn’t virgin as she say she did only once with ex.. is she slut?