Apr 30

Man gets rejected

Fun fact for the ladies: Men NEVER get over it.

Women hate on other women due to the chance that this other woman can easily “take their man” due to the upgrade potential right? This is what was relayed to me from a female colleague that I debated with as she explained why Angelina Jolie was public enemy number one for women after acquiring Brad Pitt as her beau. The way she explained it was that a man standing with his girl who is a 7 (8 if she really tries) on the looks scale can easily lose her man to a 10 who puts in the extra sex appeal and game to upgrade to a 15 – which (according to her) renders us men into to slobbing, drooling, helpless cheaters.

Brothers of the man race, this is how our women see it, and it is the reason why it is never okay for you to go hang with your childhood friend (who is a girl) that happens to look better than your girlfriend. It is also the reason why your wife automatically turned into a fire breathing dragon when she saw your co-worker who resembles Caterina Murino. We can’t win this fight but you know what I said to my colleague about this fear that women have of one another… it is their own damned fault.

Pikachu, I Choose You! Bad Boy Loser!

For every guy that has suffered from losing out to a bad boy, or a rough around the edges type, there is a man who grows up with a little bit of darkness in his heart. True story. Men are like elephants when it comes to relationship bruises but I swear it sits in our subconscious as opposed to our conscious thought. This is why some men (the few, the proud) can overcome the hurt and become loyal husbands, boyfriends, whatever. Most men are governed by our inner puppy… the puppy that grows with every single rejection, insult, observance of misandry, and tutorship from dire wolves. If a man has a big beastly dog in his subconscious, then when the time comes to decide whether his actions will hurt his lady in lieu of conquering, he will choose to become a slayer.

An emotional man remembers the slights, he sees the chance to upgrade as a chance to upgrade. It’s like the hip hop song by MC Breed “why have a 9 when I can have a 10 if she ain’t licking up the nuts then I’m a holler at her friend” – vulgar yes but dudes do think like this! That is the feedback from a man who does not respect the trust in a relationship, does not trust the “sanctity of marriage” and could give a damn about a woman’s feelings because he does not care.

Women are afraid of this and they very well should because if there’s a chance to play with a dime and you are a man who hasn’t even sampled one at a strip club your mind is going to screw with you hardcore! Sure some good guys are happy enough with the attention so that they can brag about it to their friends “dude she was totally into you!” but a man with that dog in his heart! He wants to get in her right then and there because he feels like the gods granted him a once in a lifetime opportunity and he would be a fool not to take it.

Are men naturally cheaters… or making up for lost time?

Why do you think so many powerful men kick up thousands of dollars for some hush-hush sex with a dime-piece prostitute? They were nerds in the past who couldn’t score that, plus they were denied by so many women up until they had money that now it’s almost like they are owed the booty. They aren’t thinking about what their wives would feel if she found out, they just want to exploit the opportunity so that they can brag to their grandsons “boy your granddaddy used to get it in with some of the finest women alive”.

It’s as if life brings about a cypher of passive aggressive resentment between men and women based off the fact that we are viewed as useless around beautiful “strange”. If you think your lady is above this, just bring her somewhere around some knockouts and watch her go Super Saiyan with her hate. I don’t think it’s unwarranted as many of us will play gentlemen; let’s just put it out there right now. If I grabbed 4 random married guys and took them to a mansion of secrecy housing prostitutes that favored Adriana Lima, I guarantee you that all 4 would get laid.

Men… it’s not entirely our fault is it? Women burn us early and we burn them later on… with better looking women. As they say it’s the game, but maybe, just maybe I am wrong about this and most guys obey the law of the land and turn down prime rib when it’s spread out in front of them… I don’t think so though but what do you think; Am I nuts, or am I on to something here?

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  • Neil

    Greg, you’re on to something…for sure……and this hits home……..

    Great Post!


    • Thanks Neil, if there has been anything I’ve learned about love it’s that many of our actions are the result of women in the past. Not saying all, or even most… but many and I am sure that you have seen some cases around you coming up. Thanks for reading and commenting on both spaces.

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