Jan 14

black knight with sword

Ahh the fabled Black Knight of Camelot lore; that black clad man who tied his wife to a tree after hearing that she had stepped out on him with Sir Perceval the good knight. The Black Knight is regarded as being a skillful warrior who chooses to be “mean” instead of nice; the black knight is Victor Von Doom, Darth Vader, and The Batman.

He is a victim of circumstance who has been twisted by his hate to protect himself from ever being hurt again. Many men become Black Knights and it is a path that only a few can come back from.

So what defines a Black Knight? What does one have to do to hold such an epic title? Well the following list of traits are typical of the Black Knight and if you are a woman who recognizes them in your mate, it may be time to run or call King Arthur to take him on!

5 Traits of The Romantic Black Knight

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Beneath the surface Black Knights have a heart. The problem is they believe that “women love assholes” so they protect it with steel and chain mail. Women assume that with enough digging they can pierce the mail but if a man is wearing the black it will only prove futile.

Has no qualms with dumping you for no reason – Hey women dump men for others all the time in the name of hypergamy right? Well if a Black Knight sees something hotter and he’s already got your panties, why should you get mad if he upgrades?

Uses terms like Alpha and Beta to describe men – After getting his black armor, a knight finds himself wanting to separate his enlightened mind from those who are still clueless. So naturally he resorts to names like Alpha and Beta to separate his lot from the savages.

Will ignore, diss, or talk down on any woman he doesn’t desire – If you aren’t deemed f-ckable by the knight then you are trash. Why waste words on a woman that you aren’t trying to get with? Time would be better spent on doing something you actually like.

Romance is for suckers – Why brown-nose a chick that you’re already getting sex from? She’ll just end up taking your money and running off with someone more Alpha than you anyway.

Women make the continued mistake in thinking that Black Knights and “Bad Boys” are the same. Studies have shown that in this modern era the Black Knight is becoming sexier to women than the White Knights and it is due to the continued fall of patriarchy. I guess you can call aloof disinterest the new black in relationships…

A Few Black Knights From TV and Movies

  1. Enoch “Nucky” Thompson – HBO’s Boardwalk Empire
  2. Jimmy McNulty – HBO’s The Wire
  3. Joseph “Jody” Summers – Baby Boy
  4. Bleek Gilliam – Mo’ Better Blues
  5. Vicomte Sébastien de Valmont – Dangerous Liaisons

So are you a Black Knight or do you know of one? Chances are there are many of you out there and we’d love to hear about it.

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