May 31

multitasking spiderman

Let me tell you something, I cannot seem to settle on one thing at a time in my life and the blame can fall squarely on the grind. For years I juggled a managerial position at a day job with my own online business and I only mastered the art when it came to a social life coupled with love. There are many of you out there who like myself live the equivalent of 3 lives worth of effort.

The term “doing too much” is the mantra of the lazy but for the workaholic the saying is “there aren’t enough hours in the day”. I have imagined the ability to freeze time in order to do the millions of things in my head and the ultimate vacation would be quiet time away from people and responsibilities. At this point I am either echoing your thought process or I am freaking you out as a soulless robot. If you are of the former then you are probably a chronic multitasker.

  • Some of the things I am guilty of multitasking are:
  • Blogging at restaurants, in the bathroom and as a passenger.
  • Writing business plans while commuting via bus or taxi.
  • I keep a notepad by my bed for those eureka moments before bed.
  • I catch up on shows while doing intervals on the treadmill.
  • Fighting game matchups with friends – I read/comment on blogs in between matches.
  • I voice blog while driving.
  • I do push-ups and sit-ups while rpg gaming if it’s a cardio day.
  • During martial arts reps I watch a lot of war history.

A weekend of doing absolutely nothing sounds wonderful to me but knowing I’ll regret It the next week makes it unfathomable. I drive normal people nuts but I do better off financially than they do so they charge it to the game. I don’t regret being a busy body but I can also acknowledge that I am.

This leads me to wonder if people like myself ever slow down. Do you get to a point where your ventures yield enough capital to surf life freely and the creativity sobers in lieu of rest or am I branded to be this way forever? I know that the downside to being this way is that I tend to have no patience for unmotivated people. If I am forced to work with a person that is slow and methodical it’s no problem but I have to know that they are as hungry as I am for the end result. This fact has led me to stay out of business with friends – I would advise you other chronic multitaskers to do the same.

So what about you fellow crazies out there? Is our world a lonely one of misunderstanding? Do I sound like you and does your girlfriend/boyfriend lament the fact that you are a robot? Are they supportive of your manic pattern of working or has it put strain on your romance?

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