Jan 09

One of the most interesting things that men admit to in life and on the internet is counting down the years and months until a girl celebrity becomes a woman. Sure at times it comes off as a joke but when a friend tells me Chloe Moretz looked “hot” in Kick Ass, I mentally add him to a list of “dudes who would never be left alone with a daughter of mine”. Chances are you have noticed these statements too (trust me) and you’ve either participated in them or scoffed and kept it moving without addressing how truly creepy it is. I am not calling these men pedophiles, we’ve all been tricked into staring at jailbait at one time or another, but there’s just something off about the whole culture of age watching.

As a man who prefers my mangos ripe, soft and sweet as opposed to green and hard, I am completely confused by this lusting outside of the pedobear jokes and the obvious nerdy trolling. If it wasn’t such a touchy subject I would just interview one of my many friends who are guilty of this to see why it is they find the countdown a necessity.

What About The Boy-loving Women?

Women can be much worse than men about this – bear with me. Women have been even creepier about young boy celebs because women do not wait for them to reach 18 to express their sexual attraction. I have been hearing grown women lusting for Justen Bieber and Taylor Lautner (back when he was illegal) just as much as I’ve heard nerds talk about Emma Watson from the original Harry Potter,  and now Chloe Moretz.

Yet when we see a pretty teacher on the News busted for letting some 14 year old have sex with her afterschool, we shift gears to her being mentally ill, perverted and criminal. Again I am not saying that Beliebers over 18 are all boy loving cougars but the thought of doing something is really only a moment’s mistake away from action.

By the way Justin turns 18 this year ladies you can rejoice (rolls eyes).

Why So Serious?

What if the legal age was 16 like it used to be? -__- Would the countdown champions be more open about lusting after 14 yr olds then? “Oh you know she turns 16 in a couple years” (shudders), okay that’s it people, I’m sending Chris Hansen to each one of your houses with a camera crew. I just don’t understand, so I’m asking it here. When I hear people make these statements I am so slow to react (out of bewilderment) that I can’t even say anything outside of changing the topic.

So what do you think? Is it an overreaction on my part, or is it innocent and fun to countdown the years on younglings who are nearing 18 for you to freely express that you want of them?

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  • anon

    You probably shouldn’t see my freebie list then lol… Still debating on number 5 (who might actually wind up being legal) but 1-4 is Chloe Moretz, Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter, and freaking Morgan Lily…