May 23

annoying dame dash

“You been hustlin a long time and you aint got nothin” – 50 Cent (Wankster)

Quite often you hear people brag about having multiple jobs, side hustles, and other forms of income, but how many of them are doing better than you and your one job? We all know broke hustlers, hell hustling is normally what comes as a result of being broke; so what’s the point of bragging about hustling if there is no success behind it?

See it’s one thing to have made money hustling and brag about the journey but it comes off as pathetic when the hustle is all you have to account for. See successful businessmen do it all the time, they talk about living out of their cars, having doors slammed in their faces, and worse. Street hustlers who make it become legendary and their tales are almost as worthwhile as the fact that they can buy a luxury car for pure cash. But we aren’t street hustlers so nobody will ever give a damn about your “hustle”. No, see outside of having reached a goal, your hustle is pretty meaningless.

To hustle is to grind and the grind wears you down

Many people hustle the right way, which is silently. They aren’t proud of having 3 jobs because they wish it could only be one well-paying job. To hustle is to grind and like the word grind suggests it wears you down. So we work the trenches, we hunker down, and we save our money. The smart hustler saves for an opportunity – the chance at a bigger prize, changing $10,000 into $100,000 or better yet a passive income stream. The dumb hustler doesn’t upgrade from soldier to captain, because all he knows is the hustle. So the $10,000 gets spent, or sits there as he continues to nickle and dime.

People have to be able to show and prove when it comes to bragging about work. If you’re going to brag, be sure that you are in a position to brag. Too many times have I seen empty suits in a setting, with an audience, going on and on about late nights, several businesses and the car they have parked outside. Real recognizes real, and real hustlers don’t sit around looking for props. The props comes with the legend, with the spoils of war that you took, not what you brag about taking.

Like the verse at the beginning says “You been hustlin a long time but still don’t got nothin”. It’s a wicked insult, but well deserved of some blowhard grinder who does nothing but grind in circles, trying to fake it till he makes it. You don’t want to be a person like this, as there is no honor in it and it will get thrown at you by people who know better.

Here’s to the true hustlers who hustle forwards and not backwards, those who play it quiet and steady in pursuit of happiness. Before you brag you must realize that plenty people struggle, but it is only a select few fools who assume themselves better for doing a bit more. Results wins the day for a braggart, so if you have nothing then shut your mouth and hustle smarter.

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