Mar 26


How many of you readers made a commitment this year to climb mount sexy and drop some pounds? How many of you are still going strong? This isn’t a question of ridicule as your mind drifts over to that negative area of things, but rather a rally cry and a refresher for those who are still on it.

The great thing about the beginning of the year is that many people have made this commitment. Unhealthy people are suddenly talking diet, the machines in the gym are on lockdown from the droves of newcomers; and the temptation to slam Sally’s peach cobbler in the company break room is diminished because even Sally has decided to get herself a Body by Vi or whatever.

What we find after many years of this same pattern is that around this time – the beginning of April, it becomes extremely hard to stay the course because a lot of the people who fell off will be relishing in the sweets, fats and bacon addiction of the carefree boat. Now instead of being called driven, impressive, brave, inspiring, etc. you will now be called crazy, obsessed, weird, and any number of things that the tribe tends to call outsiders.

It is now that your true strength will be tested to see if you are in for the long-run, or if you were merely one of the last ones to fall off.  This is the time when you prepare your mind, your stomach, and your skin for the obstacles that are meant to knock you off of your game until next January when you’re 30lbs heavier.

To help you navigate the treacherous and lonely road of the fitness path, we’ve put together a list of things that will help you make it through to your actual goal.

  1. Quiet as kept – Unless the person that you are speaking with is a gym rat, keep your workouts and diet plan to yourself.
  2. Respect the process – Many have been on the path before you and many will after… this should tell you that the path works. When you start to let doubt and impatience creep into your heart, you will begin to doubt the process and this is why you must keep in mind that sticking to it works!
  3. Stay snacking on fruit and nuts – Keep healthy snacks and water on your person constantly so that when people offer you grenades disguised as cakes and pies, you can easily decline them. Staying hungry all day opens you up to cheating.
  4. Call in reinforcements – Know someone who is a health nut at your job or place you frequent? Befriend that person and talk nutrition and exercise with them. Having someone like that to echo things off of daily can help you refocus on the weaker days.
  5. Start a blog – If you feel like the guilt of looking like a complete hypocrite online will help you stay true, then post pictures, record your workouts, and stay on top of a fitness blog online.  Fitness blogs can motivate other people and stand as a living journal of your progress in this journey.

If you made a resolution this year and you are still on it, I tip my hat to you and tell you GREAT JOB! Now keep it up and come summer time you will be one of the privileged and shirtless. In any event if you have fallen off and answered no, then hop back on the train and try to stick with it this time. Changing a lifestyle is not easy and that is what getting in shape is all about – change and focus.

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