Dec 08

Are you the broke friend? It’s a simple question but it may not mean what you think it means. The broke friend oft times will annoy his other friends due to his belief that life sucks for him and him alone. The broke friend will listen to your advice but will rarely take it – despite how easy it is to get out of his financial hole.

What we’re saying is that the broke friend title is earned through attitude more than it’s earn from your financial position. A cheap person that has money can be just as much the “broke friend” as can the guy that can barely pay his bills. It’s not an elitist title, it’s a “stop using money as your excuse to being a loser” title.

Here’s the anatomy of the broke friend:

  • Wants in on everything but can never afford it.
  • Cries broke whenever it seems convenient – as if in need of pity.
  • No matter how much money he earns, he figures out a way to burn it.
  • Loves to refer to his non-broke friends as boring and “too serious”

When it comes to matters of finances the broke friend has no pride, so the maority of the time he/she is leeching off of a parent or boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are this person and you really do care about what your friends feel – you may want to pay close attention to my next paragraph.

Replace broke with busy: When you’re broke and classy, nobody really knows you’re broke unless you are married to them. Broke and classy means that you don’t ask to be invited to the vacation getaway only to turn around and say “I can’t afford it”. It means you find a better excuse like “something came up”, or “I am too busy to be added to the list right now, catch me next time”. Shoot for mysterious over broke because people are quick to volunteer your business to others.

At the end of the day what you’re trying to do is to avoid announcing your financial state because believe it or not, no-one cares, especially your peers. Keep it low and tight, work on your own and try not to make promises that you know you won’t keep.

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