Oct 29


Catcalling, or “hollering at females” is the new target of attack as the continued march against everything male picks up steam on the internet. While I have personally asked the catcallers in our fellowship to stop—since it’s more demeaning to them than helpful—it is still being touted as an “all male” problem, instead of a “certain type of guy” problem. What I’m seeing is that it’s demeaning, it makes women uncomfortable, and it’s annoying UNLESS that guy is someone appealing.

Let a 6’5” Boris Kodjoe looking dude with a $1,000 suit on catcall a woman and I bet she wouldn’t be rushing off to complain about it on her blog. It’s like when a celebrity with a big penis gets put on blast for a sex tape or selfie sent to a mistress. You would think that his female fans would be disappointed at his infidelity right? Not quite, scan the comments and many women looking at the photo go from acting appalled to quickly commenting on how “nice” the package is along with many other “positive” comments that will blow the average male mind. We are wrong unless we are phenomenal. Is this behavior any different from a woman hearing “hey sexy”, then turning around to see Ryan Gosling, suited and booted, smiling slyly at her? I wonder how annoyed she would be.

Catcall a woman from a Mercedes Benz and dare to be handsome…

I want to see the metrics on how many women would truly be upset (not counting the full on man haters) if a baller was the man catcalling them. Catcall from your bike, while shirtless and broke, and I can tell you how that will turn out… you will instantly be labeled a devil and an agent of the patriarchy, hell bent on reducing women to objects of desire and belittlement. Let me be clear in saying that I don’t agree with catcalling, but I wonder if this wave of anger at it is really a dislike for men of a certain class daring to talk to women they like?

Recently a photographer named Hannah Price became the adopted bff to feminists everywhere when she took photos of men for a project and claimed that they were catcalling (some men who saw photos of the photographer debated the facts in her story but let us take her word for it). The men—who seemed like average black dudes—did not display the look and stature that many women begrudgingly admit to having a weakness for. Going further, I would argue that these blue-collared brothers (as they were) came off as the very image that victims to catcalls want us all to conjure up in our minds when we imagine it happening.

So when I saw Hannha’s work, I wondered, why were all the photos the stereotype that I assumed them to be? Where were the white-collared sharks that were on their way to work, saw her, lost their damn minds and couldn’t resist hollering. Where were the corporate hounds who complimented Hanna and in turn got their pictures snapped? Are we to believe that salaried men are above this sort of behavior so are excluded in this “stop street harassment” plea? Does money make the urge to holler at a bird diminish? I find that hard to believe. What I think that this is—like many other things—is that certain acts are only okay if you are attractive to the person that you are doing it to.

Women don’t like being catcalled by “a certain type”, is that fair? Women want the right to pick and choose the guys that pine for their attention and when that guy—who knows that he is wanted—chooses instead to ignore the woman for a better prospect, it becomes a whole other thing. But I want to be proven wrong on this, please – are there any women out there being street harassed by men with money and hating it?

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  • NaTaya Harvey

    I can’t speak for all women but its not about money for me. First of all Boris would not be standing on a corner yelling wild disrespectful things to me. It’s usually the desperate trolls that never see ass in their life. And it’s ok to say hey or whatever as I walk by but when I keep walking don’t get mad and call me a stuck up bitch or follow me.

  • McThick

    A rich baller can do whatever he wants…just like high-end women can. We should not be surprised by this.

    I think that the guys doing this are usually younger and they do it on purpose. It’s not about bringing anyone home, it’s about making the victim squirm a little bit. I think that blue collar guys get the heat for this because they’re usually the ones who get off early (because they start early) get a few beers in them and then are ready to cut up a little bit at 5:30 or so when the ‘better sort’ is walking home from her high-powered job in her business skirt.

    You want an article, do one about feminists dressing in power suits and stiletto heels and then complaining about getting mongered in the office. They deserve it. Boom.

  • AriD2385

    Yeah, I don’t think the Boris-type in a nice suit does this. If he did, he would seem like an entitled jerk. Catcalling, though, is not paying a compliment or making an introduction. It’s generally objectifying in some way. Professional men–white collar at least, seem to have been socialized not to do this.

  • CalypsoAmnell

    I’ve been “hollered at” by innumerable men on bicycles, driving their hoopties, or walking down the sidewalk with their friends. However, I can count on one hand the number of times a seemingly-wealthy man has done the same from his ride. I’m almost *more* disgusted by the wealthy man because he has an air of entitlement about him, as if I somehow owe him something due to the things he *thinks* he can offer me.

    Generally speaking, I think people of higher economic standing will behave with more class in public settings because their outward appearance is one of their highest priorities. Unless you’re born into wealth and/or extraordinary circumstances, you typically won’t find much success in life if you act like an uncouth baffoon. I believe that “hollering” at women is just one small factor that is indicative of a larger problem: you have no respect for yourself and your reputation, let alone respect for the recipients of your stupidity.