Dec 01

Back in the day weight-lifters looked like crazy people to a population of Hippies that had become accustomed to guys with skinny arms and slender builds. To see an Arnold Schwarzenegger roll up into the mix and take a hit off their joint probably resulted in stares of wonder. During most of the 80s and early 90s bodybuilding exploded and people became desensitized to the nasty neon tank-tops, wrestling shoes and parachute, pajama pants that those freaks wore. Now in the late 2000’s after the steroid witch-hunt had taken all the victims that it could afford and skinny jeans are back in effect, being a muscular freak is not so special anymore.

I can get absolutely jacked and I would not receive that much more stares than if I decided to become emaciated and get my Calvin Klein model on. Still the world may have changed but my mind didn’t, I still get offended when I hear ridiculous stereotypes and I still get annoyed when non-workout people echo bad advice that a liar on an infomercial told them. I find myself wanting to cheer for people that are jogging when I am driving into town and I am always hoping that my favorite celebrities would pump iron.

Our taste in women is normally relative to our individual experiences

When I was a young man, I was skinny, and I had a thing for the earthy, poetry reading, feminist types (blame my love of 70’s era blaxploitation movies). As I got older, and became serious about my diet, about nutrition and about my body, I slowly began to notice bodies and body types. It was the same effect that doing graphic design had on me – see I notice every logo, every font and every attempt at Adobe Photoshop, this is a part of who I am. Now I notice a woman that stays in the gym, looks like a swimmer, looks like a sprinter or is a genetic freak that once ran track but does nothing in her day to day.

Speaking with other lifters, this is a common theme amongst the men. While we have our varying tastes, we love our sisters of the sweat. While before I would echo the “she looks like a man” or “her body looks too hard, I like my women soft” ignorance that I hear periodically, now as a weight-lifter its more like “bully for you, she has got it going on”. I think of my other sub-culture of fellows, the nerds… many nerds have an Asian fetish but how can you blame them? When you are a hardcore fan of anime, martial arts cinema and Japanese video games, you begin to buy into the theory that Eastern grass is greener.

Changing your flavor

A well travelled, well seasoned man of culture will have a broader range of tastes than the hometown guy that hasn’t ventured much. I have gotten a broad range of taste from dabbling in areas that weren’t considered cool or “normal” by any means. I gave women outside of my taste-range (or flavor) a chance and when they moved on they left their impression on me. The new things I got into through life changed many of my views and before long women that I hadn’t noticed before materialized before my very eyes. Now when I hear a guy say that he only likes (insert whatever) girls, it seems so restrictive to me.

Do you agree? Preference and taste is a fluid thing that shows itself as important when in fact the ease of it’s changing makes it not so important? Have you found that you are attracted to a different type of man/woman than your early adulthood? I wager that many of you have.

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