Feb 27
Jared Leto with hairbun pointing

  Editor’s note: This is a lighthearted post made to address the current trend of men wearing “buns” and is not meant to harass or offend. If you have a man-bun and are already offended (I know you are), you may want to keep it moving. All credit for this post goes to Jordan the barber of properbarbershop.com. If you need that top-knot chopped off properly, holler at your man. As a veteran esthetics professional, I feel it my duty to respond to this trend. Gentlemen, it is my opinion that said hairstyle looks amazing on exactly 1% of the male population. Exemptions include actual Samurai and people of Asian or Pacific Island decent.. Last exemption goes to dudes who really and truly, don’t give a fuck. If you have been paid for being really, really, ridiculously good looking or, you’re auditioning to be in… [Read more]

Oct 10

Notorious B.I.G. had a saying/song that became a big slogan in the mid 90s of “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”. The whole idea of the statement is that the more money you acquire the problems you will acquire as well because of what people expect from you because of the acquisition of money/success. This hip hop moniker is something that not only holds true for the people around you but also for yourself. All of those things we see in this world aren’t what they seem to be. We wish and want so many things but at what cost are we willing to get those things. Do we really even want what we think we want? One of the things I have known but began to understand more everyday is that everything that glitters isn’t gold and that many of us are caught up in our… [Read more]

Jul 04

Well, you had a good run… You and your girlfriend hit it off at first, but now things have fizzled and you realize she’s just not right for you. Although there’s no way to guarantee that she won’t be upset, letting her down gently is the best way to go. Here are 5 ways to tell a girl you want to break up with her without incurring her wrath. 1. Ditch the “we need to talk” line For the love of all things, do NOT send the hopelessly vague yet alarmingly familiar “we need to talk” text. If you have to text her and can’t call, text something like “are you free tonight?” or “can I stop by?” if you plan on talking to her about this in person (which I would recommend over a passive break up email any day). Keep your request to… [Read more]

Mar 16

And they totally have been known to look like members of the cast of the Walking Dead when browsing the aisles of Walgreens for toiletries. (The zombies – not the cool guys with the machine guns.) They’re walking aimlessly and groaning. Lost and confused. Why? Because unlike their female counterpart, most men were never shown how to shop. And no – that time your girlfriend drug you to the mall for eight hours doesn’t count. You were there to provide the credit card and hold her purchases. Sorry to burst your bubble. Several factors account for why a lot of men are just not that into shopping for the basics – the most obvious one being that since your birth, manly essentials just magically appeared when you needed them. The reality? You had your mom to thank for that one. And it’s time to give… [Read more]

Nov 19

Editor’s Note: I lost my grandmother and uncle to the war on Cancer due to their lifestyles of smoking like a cast member on Mad Men. From this personal experience and that of watching my little brother smoking and coughing like a coal engine from the 1800’s I have made up my mind that smoking is the last thing I would do next to playing Russian roulette and having unprotected sex with a prostitute (bear with me). Given this hardcore stance I was approached by a representative of Vapor4Life e-cigarettes to try out their brand of smoking alternatives to see if it was worthy of giving them some love in these Halls. Well I asked my buddy Robert to be the guinea pig (he quit smoking and has been fighting the urge for months) and he came back singing high praises of the V4L brand…. [Read more]

Aug 19

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs posted an article recently involving a rather taboo topic that most prudes will shy away from. NWSO talked to 15 men and got their feedback on that ol’ porno standard of ass sex and you will be quite surprised by what they had to say… I can understand this philosophy of saving something “special” for your husband but if I can be so frank that’s a pretty sh*tty gift (pun intended). More specifically, who’s to say that your future husband even wants to ride the Hershey Highway? I mean, are so many women saving anal for their husband as some sort of “special” fantasy gift that he may not even want to accept? Or do women just think all men want to do it in the butt and are willing to concede to it for the spouse? That… [Read more]

Aug 19

Editor’s Note: This is a controversial topic that I myself (Greg Dragon) have always wanted to tackle, especially with the mainstreaming of the “thick woman” who was once regarded as fat by the majority. Abagond has bravely taken on the task and did a stellar job of it so I thought it a good idea to share with you all. Note: the point of this post is to make clear the difference between thick, thin and fat women. Those who think I am standing in judgement of women are reading way too much into it… [SNIP!] …Thick women have hourglass or pear-shaped figures. It is not their waist that is thick but their thighs and behinds. As a rule of thumb, if a woman’s waist is two-thirds the size of her hips or less – if her waist to hip (WHR) is 0.67 or less –… [Read more]

Jul 05

I will say this from the male perspective and I mean this with the utmost honesty. And this is something I have said on many occasions:  Men in general of any race, creed, or color “aint sh**”. What I mean by that is that we are have the same intrinsic want and you can guess what that is…“THE NONCIE”. I don’t care what color he is the majority of what a man does is for a woman. Every man has different ways of going about it and what his overall life goal is but I bet you one thing…it involves “noncie”. I have friends from all backgrounds and we may have differences in culture, beliefs, politics, and sports affiliations but one thing that stays consistent among all of us is the desire for noncie. With that being said if you feel all black men are dogs and don’t want to settle… [Read more]