Mar 12
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Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of things on social media relating to “bossy” girls and how they should be encouraged and congratulated. I find this meme incredibly aggravating because the reality is that the girls in question are not behaving in a way that is at all desirable.  Bossy little girls are not being strong leaders, they are being overbearing dictators, hence the negative connotation associated with the word bossy. The people posting these things are implying that the word has a negative connotation simply because it is generally descriptive of girls and women.  I call bullshit.  It’s negative because being bossy is in no way positive.  Strong, professional, accomplished women are NOT bossy. It is interesting to note that these “bossy” girls are being portrayed as both “strong” and the “victim” simultaneously. That they are being both chastised and congratulated for behaving in… [Read more]

Sep 21
super business woman

Editor’s Note about Chicks We Dig: There are tons of angry women (and men) out there, confused with life because they hate men, claim they don’t need us, yet are attracted to us all the same so they feel forced to lash out in numerous creative, sexist ways. Here at Hall of The Black Dragon we don’t subscribe to men who hate women and women who hate men. To this end we would like to highlight women who  are able to do that feminist thing without delving down the lazy path of hating our entire gender, so we’ve created a new section called Chicks We Dig because hate is lazy and unproductive and we believe that those who do things right should have all the exposure in the world. GirlWritesWhat is my new hero.  She sits at her kitchen table and spits the truth about… [Read more]

Jun 23

I am an IT guy that works with technology all day, every day. I do not own a smart phone or tablet of any type. Is this a little bit odd? Yes, yes it is.  I’m supposed to be a techno freak, not a Luddite!  However, the fact remains, when I answer my cell phone, people look at me as though I am an alien because I carry a flip phone. “…I am an alien because I carry a flip phone…” So let me tell you why I choose to live this way. I have several reasons but primarily, I do not own these items because I feel that it is ludicrous to spend thousands of dollars per year on a toy. Yes, I know you can check your email… so what? Mostly, that’s just an excuse to ignore the person/colleague to whom you are… [Read more]