Jun 05

The difference is quite simple. The rich invest in assets. The poor invest in liabilities THAT THEY THINK ARE ASSETS. Most people haven’t studied Economics (I sure haven’t!) and most do not hold a Finance degree. And not everyone is an accountant or a lawyer, so herein lies the problem. People do NOT understand what assets are and what a liability is. People think assets are something that makes them look good and that liabilities are something that can kill you. They aren’t too far off on the liability section but WAY off on the asset dept.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we? An asset puts money into your pockets There are ONLY 5 types of Assets in the world. A business/businesses that a person owns Commodities, such as gold and silver Intellectual property such as books, games, coaching programs Real Estate, whether investing… [Read more]

Apr 23

This isn’t easy for me to write as in my life, I’ve been both and now i strictly speak as a boss chick. Recently, I was watching a program where this girl tries to dress up for her man but doesn’t QUITE know how to do it. She comes to his office event wearing heels and she’s stumbling everywhere. Her husband gets super pissed and just asks her to go home because she inconvenienced him. From both sides, I understood the problem. Girls need to understand that men don’t particularly care what you wear as long as you can pull it off and look good; and men need to understand that she did this ALL for you. Stop hurting her feelings and at least acknowledge her without being a heartless bastard. It helps and pays dividends in your life because the grudges women can keep… [Read more]

Feb 05

Ask ANY man and he will tell you the same thing. Whether he can handle it or not, he wants the prettiest lady in the land. Why? Two reasons: a) Beauties are natural Viagra – Who doesn’t want to have sex with someone who looks that delicious?! b) Self-esteem sky rockets – You are revered by brethren for being super lucky or super special. Beautiful women have the ways and means to make the most average bloke look like an absolute god. Beautiful women have and carry extreme power, and they absolutely relish that power. I speak on behalf of my male friends (shout outs to y’all reading this), I can see it in their eyes when they walk next to me. Suddenly, people treat them more importantly, like they are worth something more. Looks count and slap anyone who tells you otherwise. Men are… [Read more]

Jan 01

I came across a Gent by the name of Pete Sapper, a confidence relationship coach that tackles the root of insecurity that stems from fear in women and turns wallflowers into the powerful, confident Goddesses that they deserve to be. I truly admire his attitude after coming across plenty of BS from relationship experts who wrongly preach that most men are idiots and that this whole feminist wave is all good. I’m not one to complain as my own book The 21st Century Spartanite: The Strong Woman’s Guide To Ultimate Success is written from a liberal feminist perspective and two chapters are solely given to the RIGHT TYPE of man. I can only speak from a very subjective female perspective. High Value Women The difference between high and low valued women in the world is cultivating their own worth. I’ve often been called all types of… [Read more]

Apr 26
Beautiful latina smiling

Editor’s Note: One of our most popular themes on The Hall has always been about the curse of beauty and the bonuses and penalties that come along with it. Many of us have a hard time seeing how being born beautiful can have any negative aspects but many of us agree that it does. To help illustrate the good and the bad of being born beautiful, our own Nadia Arain breaks it down in the following list: Being an attractive woman (PROS): Everyone looks at you! Everyone. Your self-esteem is usually through the roof because you KNOW you’re the center of attention. People marvel at your aesthetics! You get free stuff. Free meals, drinks, rides, AND you get served faster. Since when have you heard that gorgeous people pay for things? Compliments, and lots of them. Having a bad day? Whatever, someone’s bound to compliment you and… [Read more]

Feb 06

A woman relates to men VERY differently when her father passes away. I never really got to spend time with my father before he passed away. It changed my entire perspective of what relationships are like, meant to be like, and what they are supposed to be about. Your dad (for a woman) is a sounding board. When any asshole messes up your life, you go to him. I don’t have that luxury. I don’t know what it feels like to have a dad and even to be loved by one. That’s not to say that my dad doesn’t love me, of course he does – and i love him back; but to really experience and feel that love… I don’t know what it feels like. I don’t know what it feels like to have a man in the house because I don’t even have… [Read more]

Nov 02

I’m Alpha. Tough shit if you don’t like it or agree with me, but I have Superwoman Syndrome. Although syndrome makes it sounds like an affliction (sometimes is, I guess) – I get mad amounts of work done in a day. In a normal day, I’ll probably have 2 meetings, be on my BlackBerry whilst walking, replying and checking more emails, returning and answering calls and staying up to date with friends and family. Trouble with me, is that I.Just.Cannot.Slow.Down. I’m usually wide awake in bed and my mind is always running in fast forward. I don’t know how to relax because I fear that I haven’t got something done in the day. And that of course this affects relationships. Men have accused me of being aggressive, too much to bear or handle, argumentative, hot headed and every name that’s derogatory about being ambitious under… [Read more]

Oct 14

Smack! You feel tears streaming down your eyes but he just doesn’t stop.Your cries and screams instead urge him to hit you harder, with more brute force than ever before. Doesn’t this creature realize what a sin it is to hurt a woman? First, he makes you cry and then he hits you. Your body hurts from the beating and your face stings from the slaps but you’re made to think that it’s your fault; that if you hadn’t said or done something he wouldn’t have hit you. Don’t be afraid to leave this monster. There are friends and family that can and will help you, you just need to place a little trust in them. I am a passing ship in the night, but even I will carry your message through. I understand how hard it is when all you want is a man to truly… [Read more]