Dec 09

“Pull up yo britches!!”  This phrase used to be heard whenever there was a person wearing their pants, slacks, or jeans below the waist (usually without a belt) out in the black community.  However, nowadays, you really don’t hear that phrase, even though, the practice of sagging, wearing pants below the waist or “sagging” as it has been termed has become more common place.  You’ve seen them.  That guy wearing the wife-beater, boxers and buttocks proudly exposed above their jeans, which are “sagged” so low they might as well be socks.  They’re everywhere, in our schools, streets, and especially on our TV.   It is unfortunate that this has become the stereotypical uniform of our black youth.  Youth, who are just mimicking the fashions seen in music videos produced by Hip Hop’s finest, such as Lil Wayne, Yung Joc, and many others.  A fashion trend, believe… [Read more]