Sep 27

There you are in a dystopian future where sex leaves you marked with a line on the underside of your arm. The only way to avoid more marks is to keep having sex with the same person, since the mark comes with every new sexual encounter. How much different would we be when it comes to sleeping around, infidelity and player rank? Many men go into relationships hoping that the love of their life has a minimal sexual track record. We don’t take into account that the one partner our lady had probably slept with her over 100 times but we push to know if there has been multiple partners. If the mark existed in society then the lies that women feel pressured into telling about their sexual past would diminish greatly. The men who push to have this information would be forced to show… [Read more]

May 22

Many women seek money in their mates while enjoying the luxuries of a modern society of gender equality. Men on the other hand have not fully evolved into this and still find it necessary to provide for their wives as well as themselves. Women in the dating world use buzzwords and codes when describing a man of money. Code that can be deciphered through words like: “I want a man that is ambitious” or “I want a man with a degree and goals”. All of this translates into their want for a man of high salary. Appearances may die over time but a man’s desire for appearances doesn’t  Wealth and riches comes and goes but a woman’s desire for shiny things lasts a lifetime. With that said, why is it that society calls men superficial for seeking beauty yet calls women “smart” for seeking a wealthy… [Read more]

Jan 23

So yesterday the wife of New Englands Patriots Wide Reciever Wes Welker – an ex-Hooters model by the name of Anna Burns Welker decided to throw Baltimore Ravens’ star Linebacker Ray Lewis under the bus and join what seems to be a sorority of dumb New England wives who can’t shut the hell up (looking at you Gisele) after their husbands lose. Anna got on Facebook and wrote the following, before the internet backlash forced her to make an apology: “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!” Since apologizing for posting the comment and becoming e-famous for being stereotypically hot and dumb, Anna was the subject of much article commentary that were… [Read more]

Nov 30
sara jean underwood

There’s just something about yoga pants that makes a woman so gosh darn irresistible.  Is it the way they converge upon her, hugging her ever so soft yet supple skin, accentuating the vast curvature of dat ass?  Indeed. Don’t get me started on those compromising yoga and pilates poses.  I promise I’m not staring at you while you perform your ustrasana.  I just never knew Hollister made yoga pants in pinkish cream. Not surprisingly, underlying this raw physical attraction is something that’s a little more primal in nature. Women often wear yoga pants during their strenuous physical workouts.  When we sweat we release pheromones into the air, which in turn causes a chemical reaction within the person smelling it – we’ll call them the “smellee”.  This reaction triggers within the smellee a response, in this case, sexual arousal. So the next time you see a… [Read more]

Oct 19
car sex

Nobody likes to be told what they are “supposed to do” on a date especially when the person making up the rules is the sole benefactor. Women who say that a man should always pay for the date, always be chivalrous, always bend over backwards, etc., etc., are the same women upset when we tell guys to try and get the panties on the first date! If a man is to court a woman then the courtship should be voluntary, not a step by step process ordained by some “relationship expert” on a feminist blog or website. Just like a guy didn’t tell his woman how to cook for him or the way she should massage his ego – a man should not be told to pay for dates and kiss a woman’s hand upon meeting her. Men don’t live by some handbook on “how… [Read more]

Nov 21

When one thinks of a sexy part of the female anatomy there are items that immediately spring to mind.  Indeed, you know something is of great importance when it’s compared to a fruit or vegetable.  Melons anyone?  Try a slice of Onion Booty?  Unfortunately, there is one area on the vast ocean that is the female body that is often overlooked but commands equal respect:  Venus Dimples aka Dimples of Venus aka Ass Dimples. You’ve seen them before.  The two delicious craters just north of Cheeksville.  Venus Dimples are often accompanied by a complimentary tattoo and stylish midriff.  Once your gaze catches glimpse, they mesmerize like swirls on hypnotist glasses.  They are also a great out if you ever get caught staring at a girl’s booty.  Just say “Nah girl I was just admiring your Venus Dimples!”  You will look like less of a pervert… [Read more]