Sep 30


If you are a man in a relationship with a beautiful woman, or a man with the ability to date a beautiful woman then you may find yourself asking this question. In all of the movies and stories we see that pretty people hook up with pretty people but in real life it never seems to work out that way does it? We may as well ask if a celebrity should only date other celebrities. It becomes a question of confidence and if a man is asking this question then there is a chance that his confidence will not allow him to be comfortable with the beautiful woman in question.

When men see a beautiful woman it can sometimes seem extremely unlikely that she would be interested. This is mainly due to the laws of life and the food that we have been fed since forever:

Women like pretty boys, money, and shiny things

Any sort of attention and/or attraction outside of the above becomes questionable to us. To the man who is getting the eye from a beauty, a wink, or a coy smile, he wants to look around to see who the lucky guy is that she is seeking out. For the guy that has asked a beauty out and is now in a relationship with her the question becomes “will this pretty bird fly away?” I cannot count the amount of guys that I have known to admit that marriage, expensive toys, and (shamefully) pregnancy were all tactics used to secure their prize before any other guy could steal her away.

This issue with confidence leads men to poke holes in condoms, give menacing looks at other men in her vicinity, and constantly stalk their women. It is the fear of losing this beautiful prize, this woman who makes other men now regard him as “a boss” for landing her on his arm. Many women will have horror stories about the sweet guy that they met who turned out to be a jealous loser with anger issues. Confidence when dealing with a woman that you regard as “out of your league” is rare, so many guys ask mentally “what does she see in me?”

Gold diggers are regarded as harpies by many men who look in from the sidelines at saps that marry young bombshells with healthy consumer appetites, but do we ever look at how happy the sap is? Many men are not comfortable with a woman loving them unless they can see their worth through some sort of financial offering, or enviable good looks to counter.

Men like to think that they are in control. You will hear variations of explanations like:

  • Chicks don’t really care about me but they dig the car.
  • As long as I’m blowing her back out in bed that girl isn’t going anywhere.
  • My baby loves to spend but as long as she stay looking good I don’t mind paying.
  • I married her as fast as possible, are you crazy? When would another chick that fine cross my path?
  • Man that girl was so fine I said f-ck the condom, I’m putting a baby up in her.

None of the above is an ideal excuse for caking, marrying, or impregnating a woman in order to keep her and it all falls on a lack of confidence.

Tell her that she's beautiful and slap her ass even if she hates it

If you find yourself asking the title question and you are lucky enough to have a beautiful woman who thinks the world of you, change the question to the following: What does she like the most about me? Hell you can ask her and she would happily share with you.

A Beautiful Woman Will Choose You Based On:

  • You’re no pretty boy but you  have the right look that she is crazy about.
  • Her ribs stay hurting because you’re naturally funny.
  • All the years you spent daydreaming about pleasuring a beautiful woman has made you do things in bed that her asshole ex wouldn’t.
  • You’re an ambitious sunovabitch and she finds it irresistibly sexy.
  • You are good at what you do and it exhibits a confidence that makes her want to jump you.
  • Her rough past of confident guys who were assholes has made her want a safe, secure guy.
  • She’s ready to settle down and you’re the right fit.

All of the above are results of a guy just being himself and luckily finding a living doll that wants to be his. None of it screams gifts, try-hard tactics, or second-guessing your worth. A nerd that knows the ins and outs of search engine algorithms can quickly find the beautiful marketing director in his audience getting a little hot under the collar from his explanations on logic. Beauty does not always want beauty, I would wager to say that beauty barely ever wants beauty and this is why you hardly see this pairing in life.

So be confident and avoid asking this question. You may be average in looks but you may be extraordinary in something else. Allow that woman to love you and enjoy the ride. It is when we over-think things that we lose them to our obvious attempt at adjusting.

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  • Elizabeth Nesterenko

    “Average” is often a perception about who is conventionally good looking or not and an unhelpful subjective value judgment, so that makes this question odd because the same applies to beautiful. So then posing the question with the word “should” in the sentence suggests that men need permission to assess if they’re somehow good enough, when that’s really a self-esteem issue if he feels and thinks he has to categorise himself as average or not in her eyes. Therefore, “should” is irrelevant because he doesn’t need approval or permission to date an attractive..subjectively speaking – beautiful – woman! If an attractive (leaving subjective value judgments out of this, because we can all think certain people are attractive, whilst others can’t work out what’s attractive about them!) woman thinks or feels she needs to categorise him as average, it may not be based in appearance. Someone else may think a man she’s attracted to is average while her concern is whether he is average in his intellect, humour, education & level of self-awareness and may be primarily concerned with that.

    • Bryce Lauren

      The above comment is so unnecessary, because the intent of the article I believe was just to build confidence in men and woman whether they think they are or aren’t good enough for their significant other. Obviously “good enough” or “beautiful enough,”is subjective. People are so fixed on being politically and academically correct…the message should be judged first and foremost because that’s what you take away from what you read…

  • Coracreates

    Excellent article. I can only speak for myself – but I don’t want to be with a man who tries so hard to make himself look like he’s the man. I can spot these guys miles away and I personally stay away from them. I dated someone years ago who I thought I knew. He dressed a bit preppy back then & laid back and that was his style I assumed. But years later I have seen him again and he lost almost too much weight and now wears a black fedora, a shiny black shirt with grey designs on it, pants with more designs that are too young for his age. He just seems like he is trying to look young and cool….and I find that unattractive. If a guy has a particular style – great – as long as he is being himself. I’d rather be with a guy who is a little bit of a jerk all the time – I mean a little brash – but I know that is who he is and I’m ok with it. It’s the guys who act like they are people who they are not – always acting – I would like to avoid at all costs. I’ve had so many experiences with guys who have lied to get close to me – using God (just knowing I am Christian) and going off the deep end talking about God or wanting to pray with me, etc and using any other info they have about me to “find that in common.” I just want a real genuine man who is secure in himself, loves life and looks are secondary. 🙂