Nov 01

Press people interviewing AXE

For those of you who showed much concern for your children and others who may have seen the AXE Ball Scrubber Commercial, AXE has taken note of your feedback and issued an Official Press Conference to address your questions.

While I may have not found anything wrong with the ad, I do realize that my immature sense of humor may have blinded me from the wicked implications that an ad like it could bring to innocent eyes. But this was short-lived, as comments like the following from Gunluvr showed me that some people out there were truly offended by the idea of clean balls:

“It is a disgusting and offensive commercial. Garbage like that should be shown on HBO or some other venue of scum to the moral and sexual deviants that it appeals to. One good thing about living in a Muslim country is that people who make commercials like this one are dealt with by the religious police by being put under the jail and flogged.” – Gunluvr

Whew, I’m glad I’m not making ball cleaning ads… I could be flogged. Anyway this isn’t my story and AXE addressed many questions and concerns (like those of Gunluvr’s) in the following video:

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  • Raymond Teston

    I’ve used Axe since it has been in business. I’m considering stopping. The ball comercial is of a sexual nature. And is very discusting.

  • The Real

    For starters I respect your choice. If Axe’s commercial are disgusting to you, you do have the right to not buy their products. But here is the catch. They don’t care because your just one lonely costumer out of thousands, if not, millions. Bottom point, Axe is still going to make their extremely funny commercial (I’m sorry that you don’t have a sense of humor, even Jesus would laugh at this commercial).

  • Jazzi

    I agree that the commercials were funny. However, not only adults watch TV now, and it mayruin some young boy’s sense of security with self, or incoorporate into a young girls’ mindthat she is supposed to pay homage to a man, especcially because the women are thrones cleaning the “balls”, and especially when the one girl starts fondling the “balls” she’s just cleaned. To put The ad onadult channelsis one thing. Buti dislikethe fact thatmy four year old nephew would be exposed.

  • Isn’t this a commercial in and of itself?

  • Ching

    I think it was funny, and the younger kids would just think, oh they’re washing balls. No big deal. I think it may be concerning to women. They might be disgusted by it.

  • Balls_but_no_brains

    The commercial’s pun has been milked so much it’s corny rather than funny. It’s so far-fetched no one’s going to laugh at it. I’m sure no one has, the only reason some people are praising it is because of their adamancy to insult people with ”puritanic” values.

    You agree with what I said and you know it: you know that the commercial is corny, uninspired, far-fetched, unprofessional and inappropriate for the younger audience.

    The whole conference is a waste of time: Axe chose to make this commercial because they were uninspired and wanted to come up with something real quick without investing too much intellectual effort in it. So they made a brain-dead commercial that would go viral.

    No point in trying to dumb it up, this is the truth so let’s call a spade a spade.