Apr 23

women arguing

This isn’t easy for me to write as in my life, I’ve been both and now i strictly speak as a boss chick. Recently, I was watching a program where this girl tries to dress up for her man but doesn’t QUITE know how to do it. She comes to his office event wearing heels and she’s stumbling everywhere. Her husband gets super pissed and just asks her to go home because she inconvenienced him. From both sides, I understood the problem.

Girls need to understand that men don’t particularly care what you wear as long as you can pull it off and look good; and men need to understand that she did this ALL for you. Stop hurting her feelings and at least acknowledge her without being a heartless bastard. It helps and pays dividends in your life because the grudges women can keep are unbelievable. One day, she’ll leave your ass broker than she found it – if she’s the vindictive type.

See the main difference between girls and women is emotion. They both have the SAME emotion but handle it differently. I was once a girl and the emotion I had is exactly the same that I have now, except my emotion is much more controlled now. I show it if i want to whereas when I  was a girl, the tears and tantrums flowed.

 Men HATE women who are needy, clingy and most of all immature; when your man leaves to go on holiday or business, what sort of woman are you if you can’t even handle it when he’s away? 

Answer: Most girls.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s a man’s job to protect a woman and for a woman to feel protected. But a man innately wants to be with someone who is able to match him in the bedroom, on a park bench in conversation and a delight over dinner.

Most girls are just embarrassing to know. Society tells them that if they don’t shovel on makeup and prance around like a bitch in heat, no man is going to like them. I feel sad every time i meet young women of this affliction and it affects me deeply because it means there’s one less girl who’ll eventually make it to womanhood.

If there are issues, women broach it in a lighthearted and friendly manner, they don’t threaten, nag or challenge a man into madness. A girl I used to know called her ex 70 times and in the background i heard car tires, screeching. 

Girls are always giggly, laughing at stupid things and screaming and shouting at their man for little things. Boss chicks (who are real women), just don’t care. If he’s done something, we broach it in a calm manner and if he doesn’t bother, we just kick him to the curb. Girls cry, whine and pout when they don’t get their way. If a woman doesn’t get her way, she looks at her own actions first.

Bottom line men, is that if you’re not a man—you won’t like women. We’re “too much” for you. We dent your tiny little ego that hangs on a thread and we’ll intimidate and scare you into the hole you came out of. If you’re a MAN, well then slide on over and we’ll grab you a Philly cheese steak, a cold one and a kiss.

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