Sep 27


There you are in a dystopian future where sex leaves you marked with a line on the underside of your arm. The only way to avoid more marks is to keep having sex with the same person, since the mark comes with every new sexual encounter. How much different would we be when it comes to sleeping around, infidelity and player rank?

Many men go into relationships hoping that the love of their life has a minimal sexual track record. We don’t take into account that the one partner our lady had probably slept with her over 100 times but we push to know if there has been multiple partners. If the mark existed in society then the lies that women feel pressured into telling about their sexual past would diminish greatly. The men who push to have this information would be forced to show their own marked up history and the facade of the near-virgin vixen would probably fade away.

Revenge sex, adultery, abusive mongering, and “experimentation” would be pushed towards the abstract. If sexually-active teenagers were unable to hide their transgressions, they would find other ways to go about it that would leave parents and teachers in the dark. This being said, would the sexual mark of shame lead to more sexually deviant behavior?

How do you imagine your life being if such a mark existed?

Would you be less likely to sleep around with random people, or would you still do it, but find a way to get around being marked? Like, perhaps the mark only occurs with penetration…

Would a man of worth marry a former party girl with a lusty past, afraid that his peers would see her arms and pass judgment on her? Would virgins be more apt to seek one another out in hopes of being each other’s only mark? Can you imagine the cosmetics that would be sold to cover up the marks? The tattoos, the surgeries, the lengths we would go through to start over… it would probably lead to the ultimate question of “why is it so important?”

Are we not allowed to change in life; correct the mistakes of young years fueled by naivete? The way that we carry on in society when it comes to sex–we are not talking about babies, STI’s, or abuse–we may as well be marked so as to police our loins more into this ideal world of monogamy.

Sex, like many other things in life is one of those personal, private things that many wish they could control. All sorts of sex is wrong, evil at times because it involves mental and physical damage that can destroy people’s lives, but why must we continue to judge new partners based on old, consensual sex? Is it a matter of power and control in the relationship, or could it possibly be selfishness.

We meet a woman and we fall in love with her, she is intelligent, beautiful and worldly. Knowing that she has seen as much of the world as you have, she has lived, laughed and cried with men and women throughout the years. Is it fair to judge her based on the tracks that line her arm, or do you only care to play it forward? Some men can deal with a woman that has a long sexual history, as long as she is clean, loyal, and past it; others have to know, and no matter where the relationship stands it may as well be tattooed all over her arms and face.

Since we aren’t in this fantastical world of sexual marks of shame, let us think before we ask, and before asking check your own marks.

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