Oct 22

halle berry

Lady Dragon Halle Berry is a very likable, pretty, and pragmatic woman when interviewed. In magazine spreads and in front of the rolling cameras she is goddess-level bad! But recently when I see her name on places all over the internet it is likely to be accompanied by the word crazy.

Halle’s life has been an open book to the world for a long time. She has somehow become the face of the beautiful but crazy stereotype due to her failed relationships and that one incident where she hit someone with her car and kept driving (tsk-tsk-tsk). Halle is a realistic woman when asked about all of this in interviews and she knows very well how she’s perceived and sees her man issues as a lack of good judgment on her part when it comes to mates.

Halle on her bad choices in men: “My picker’s broken… God just wanted to mix up my life. Maybe he was thinking, ‘This girl can’t get everything! I’m going to give her a broken picker.'”

As men we tend to come to the beautiful but crazy conclusion whenever a dime piece like Halle is known to have been dumped several times—don’t we? It just doesn’t compute with us that a woman this perfect and ageless in her beauty could allow any man to lose interest in her no matter what. Unless of course she’s so unbearable as a mate that the beauty goes right out the door when the honeymoon is over.

angry halle berry

So how does a woman earn the crazy label in a relationship?

  1. By being untrusting and controlling.
  2. Setting fire to clothing or the house you live in (think Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez of TLC fame)
  3. Always trying to fight you physically even though you will clearly win.
  4. Cries over everything and uses her woman’s tears as manipulation.

Some of the women who I would classify as beautiful celebrities that have been accused of some of the above have been Naomi Campbell, January Jones, and Tyra Banks allegedly. The queen of the stigmas has always been Halle though whose former lovers and boyfriends have alluded to her being a handful to love.

Yet many of us claim to love crazy women – but is there any truth in this claim? Are there men out there who want a woman to love hard, opine for them when they are out of town, and check their smart phones for women’s numbers whilst they shower? It reminds me of guys who find it cool to say things like “I want a dominatrix” yet if they were to really experience one they would be scarred for life.

All of the crazy is based on perception as an outsider and as fans we really owe it to our celebrity idols to give them the benefit of the doubt. The reason for my white knighting in this instance is due to the damage it brings to the non-celebrity women who look just as beautiful as Halle – our speculation leads us to think that they will “be just as crazy”.

To the men reading, do you find yourself doing this unconsciously—assuming beautiful women to be batshit crazy—or is it a stigma you feel is earned by those whose history you do know? I am very curious about this as it seems that by default we tend to paint them all with the Halle Berry stigma.

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