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In another one of those “studies that tend to piss women off” it was recently found that the secret to marital bliss—for men—is in having an attractive wife! In a study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 450 newlywed couples were given the lab animal treatment for four years and psychologist Andrea Meltzer along with her team came to the conclusion that a woman’s beauty plays a major role in her husband’s marital satisfaction.

On the flip-side a man’s attractiveness served little impact on his wife’s happiness throughout so it will suffice to say that we are as shallow as we are said to be… or worse. No, not really… keep reading.

It leads me to think of a scenario where a man is having a hard time connecting with his beautiful wife but every time he wakes up and sees her flawless face he just resets his temperament and keeps playing it forward. But beauty’s only skin deep right?

What the study found out about the attractive women in this experiment is that their happiness was directly linked to their husbands. So it makes for a simple equation:

wife’s beauty : man’s happiness : wife’s happiness

Brilliant! But the metrics I would love to pull on these “happy men with beautiful wives” is how many of them felt “lucky” to have landed a fresh-faced woman. How was this standard of beauty measured for these wives anyway?

I have guy talk almost daily with my boys and since we are all from different countries, races, and backgrounds, our idea of beauty tends to vary from one end of the spectrum to the next. Like sure, we all universally agree on certain women being “attractive” but isn’t looks a bit subjective to base a study on?

Maybe not, who knows – we’ve all been programmed to accept that a certain standard is supposed to be beautiful but… Wait! Maybe they pulled the husbands to the side to see how crazy they were about their girl’s looks. Ahh, now that seems legit.  

Remember this song:

So did Jimmy Soul have it wrong? Do pretty women not make their husbands look small and very often cause their downfall? I’m not sure how I feel about this study, it’s making old legends look like liars.

“Don’t let your friends say you have no taste
“Go ahead and marry anyway
“Though her face is ugly, her eyes don’t match
“Take it from me, she’s a better catch”

“If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life”
“Never make a pretty woman your wife
“So for my personal point of view
“Get an ugly girl to marry you”

In any event the study seems to make sense when we look at why the couples are happy more so than the fact that the wives are hot (to their husbands). Men are visual creatures and for a man to feel “lucky” in finding a spouse who he deems a “catch” I’m gonna assume that he will do everything right by her to keep her “caught”. Are you catching what I’m throwing at you? The women in turn have a husband who is loving and pleasant due to the way he feels about her so the two complement one another.

Now that’s science!

By the way, the researcher Andrea L. Meltzer is not so bad on the eyes herself.  Just in case you were wondering.

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