Jan 07


It’s that time of year again. The new year brings a time filled with resolutions and goals that we all make to better ourselves. It also brings the highly anticipated time of the College Football Bowl Season and the NFL Playoffs. You’d usually see an influx of fan pride during this time and there are times when someone’s fandom can come off as questionable. With a successful sports team comes an overwhelming amount of random fans coming out of the woodwork. This is why I believe 2014 should be a year when every sports fan should re-learn on how to become a better sports fan. We all could use some advice and reflect back on our bad sports fan habits from the previous year.

Bandwagon Effect

Nobody likes a bandwagoner. Also known as a fair-weather fan, these types of fans only come out for a brief period of time and typically infest sports bars as they update their Facebook status claiming they’ve been fans since day one. In reality, they’ve never experienced a losing season and just want to associate themselves with a winner. They like to live vicariously through winning teams. 

It’s difficult not to recognize the tremendous success of both the Denver Broncos and Florida State Seminoles this season. Sure, it’s easy to like and root for Famous Jameis and Peyton Manning but it doesn’t mean you have to hop on the bandwagon, especially if you weren’t even an FSU Alum or lived in Colorado. The thing that fascinates me about bandwagoners is that they don’t have a good enough reason for their temporary allegiance outside of “That’s MY team because they’re the shit!”.

The bandwagon effect can certainly be infectious but if you can’t help yourself and absolutely must cheer for the championship team this year, well then you’re obligated to support them for…forever, regardless if Wayne Huizenga purchases said team and dismantles them. Even for those who follow their sports team because they were inherited from your father, don’t feel bad for switching teams. The choice is yours and only yours, but just remember that the longer you stick with your team then the more legit and genuine your fandom becomes. Stay loyal and stay true to your team through thick and thin. The longer you wait for that elusive championship, the sweeter it feels. Just stay patient and good things will come. Bandwagoners don’t experience that type of feeling.  Don’t become part of the trend of the common bandwagoner this year.


“there’s nothing less interesting than someone else’s fantasy team”


Fantasy Team vs Real Team

Fantasy Football has taken America by storm and has easily snagged the title as the biggest and most profitable fantasy game. The unpredictability of each week makes the game that much more exciting, but maybe too unpredictable that your grandma might win your league. It’s difficult to draw the line between cheering on your fantasy team and your actual favorite team but…your fantasy team should always come second.

The biggest issue for most ‘fantasy owners’ is that they probably put all their eggs one basket with the fantasy team they drafted and completely disregard their hometown team. Although you might be hot topic of discussion at the water cooler, don’t get corrupted and forget about the team you’ve rooted for since your childhood. You also shouldn’t ever get caught cheering for a player on the opposing team against your real team at a live game just because they’re on your fantasy team.

It may be bittersweet, but if anything don’t erupt, don’t brag, don’t celebrate if Adrian Peterson just broke a 67 yard game winning touchdown against your beloved Bucs. The Bucs have been through enough and they don’t need more ‘fans’ rooting against them. You may think that there’s nothing more interesting than your fantasy team, BUT, there’s nothing less interesting than someone else’s fantasy team. You should just draft all the players on your favorite team on your fantasy team if you want to stop all these mixed emotions. Problem solved.

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