Sep 27

Two of our most popular articles are: “A List of Disrespectful Sh-t Women Do to Men” and “Dating a Married Man? You Are Carrying Watering a Basket”.  People are searching for these topics all over the world because men cheat and women do passive aggressive things to find out and ultimately get back at us.

The other day a lady friend of mine got off of the phone upset because some dumb bird called her to inquire “why is my man calling you!?”

The man in question was a teacher and he had called to let her know of a fight that occurred in his classroom which involved her son. Yup, this was a teacher’s wife calling a parent to bitch her out over her cheating husband; Gotta love it.

Imagine how embarrassed that woman was when she went into bitch mode only to realize that her cards were wrong… and showing? She was out of pocket.

Look, if you have found yourself at the point where you feel the need to call and inquire on any feminine name that appears in your man’s phone then you are already done.

No self-respecting man stays with a woman that surfs his phone, and any woman with half a brain knows that a smart player would not use his main phone to call jump-offs. What was she going to say anyway “bitch if you ever was to call my man again I will cut you! I may not know where you live but I’m dumb as hell, emotional, irrational and you are listening to me so RAWR!!!”

I don’t care what the situation is, if you’re this chick then you are an idiot.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but a loud irrational bitch is harmless, or better yet another cliché – a barking dog seldom bites.

Why announce yourself if it’s that serious? There’s tons of ways to catch a cheating man, butI guarantee you that calling and cursing out innocent people isn’t one. Check yourself if you’re this type of chick; play some Chess and learn how to maneuver and trap a player.

If you’re going to confront a jump-off, be sure to make certain that it is she that you have on the other end of the line. Wisen up jilted-wife, we aren’t dumb enough to use our phones. Stop letting Lifetime and OWN show you how to catch a cheating man, hire a private investigator, confront the dude but for the love of everything good. Stop calling innocent people!

How about you denizens out there, have you been the innocent recipient to the rabid dog that some guy has at home – mad at him? I would love to hear your stories.

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