Jul 06

Sexy Stripper from HallofTheBlackDragon.comLet me preface this article by saying that I may sound as if I am about to use the tired old “strippers are sluts and gold diggers” argument but I’m not. Read the article.

Okay here is the thing. I remember when I turned 18 and I went to my first Strip Club. My buddy at the time warned me to play hard-to-get and stretch my money out because he wanted to be there for a bit… since he was dating one of them. Upon hitting the doors to the place, I am propositioned by a full nude woman and bam my measly $60 was done within 15 minutes. After that initial experience I fell in love with the Strip Club, I would go every other month for my lap dance, bed dance whatever the particular club offered but I never went alone, and I never fell in love. It dawned on me even as a young inexperienced trick coughing up that $60 to the coke head in a g-string that this was a huge game where I was a loser. Maybe it’s due to the wise words of the men that had been in my life or maybe I am just weird but I always knew a stripper was a stripper.

The Strip Club had one main perk to attending, especially in Tampa. There would normally be a featured performer and 9 times out of 10 it was a porn star. And yes you guessed it, I was a porn hound to match the most rabid, it was like a red carpet event when I got to see Jeanna Fine, Raylene or Heather Hunter in person. Still, I had no delusions as to what I was there for. I was going there to kick it with friends, look at real naked women, spend a mint and leave. So let me get to the point… with this history of mine, I witnessed friends falling for strippers, getting tricked by strippers and getting their ass kicked by strippers. All because they knew no line or difference between average girl and stripper girl. And there is a pretty thick line, not to knock stripping because with the money they make, if god had granted me breasts and an ass I would be on the stage every night too, capitalizing and eating REAL GOOD. So when I saw the guys who were taking their numbers, getting to know them personally and trying to wife them, I almost felt evil for feeling the way I do about them. I would think “maybe I am too untrusting, callous or cold” then a friend would pop up burnt and disfigured from a stripper relationship and I would snap right back into reality.

Date her as an Asset not a Liability
Here’s the thing, its an easy equation so follow me. If you are the baller (money-maker) then you are the asset. If you are an average Joe, then the stripper is the asset. One more time, stay with me this time my friends – If you are the baller (money-maker) then you are the asset. If you are an average Joe, then the stripper is the asset. What does this mean? For the average Joe dating a stripper it can be very rewarding. You get a sexy woman who has no qualms with taking her clothes off, she probably makes 3 times the money you do and she probably has no financial education whatsoever. So this means gifts, gifts, gifts! Even though she can come with enormous baggage, a drug habit, a jealous urge (that can lead to you getting shot), or some sort of STD. If that sounds good to you then more power to you, in that relationship where the stripper is the asset, she has a whole lot more to lose than you, so it’s well worth it.

Now on the other end of the spectrum if you are Joe Athlete or Joe Politician or Joe Musician (see below) the strip club is not a good place to get a Goomah or Wife. Grind on those girls, pay them your little money, because lets face it a few hundred dollars when you make millions a year is well… nothing right? Just don’t lose your mind fellas, I am so tired of hearing about fools who go too far with the strippers and money grubbers. Remember the phrase I repeated in the last paragraph about assets? Here is the flip side for you, if you are the baller (money-maker) then that stripper who you swear is the image of perfection because you have seen her fully naked… is a HUGE LIABILITY.

The Game
At one time I thought that the movie Pretty Woman was a chick flick, this was until it dawned on me that every man has a little Richard Gere in him. She dances like a demon, throws it back like nothing you’ve seen before then curls up into your arms and listens to your bullsh-t for hours on end. You think to yourself “man this chick is all that”, periodically she gets up and dances for you some more keeping your lower weakness as hard as iron. You return whenever you are in town and she targets you and tells all the other chicks to “back-off that’s my customer”. Soon you form a stripper-relationship inside the club, she becomes “your” stripper. You are no longer going to The Club, you are going to see the stripper. She finds out more about you and you think you know about her… how she is in town to work on her modeling but couldn’t find work. How she is only stripping to make ends meet and wishes to pursue her true career. She gives you more sensual lap-dances as she pours her heart out to you. And then she asks you to take her home… Mr. big, tough, stupid athlete. Of course you oblige and she rocks your f-cking world… the media has a field day and she sells a book.

Mos Def got him a Stripper with a Tell-All Book.
I was disappointed when I watched that show Hip-Hop Wives and saw Big Pun pistol whipping his woman and being an all around bastard of a human being. It tainted me to the point that I can’t even listen to his music without seeing that scene replay itself in my head. See I can make a few excuses for an angry male snapping and putting hands on a woman James Bond style, but when you pistol whip her that’s a whole other ball game. Still, that was pretty horrific but even moreso was learning that the triple-threat maestro of talent Mos-Def went out and married a stripper. Apparently after getting some sense and stepping away (allegedly refusing to sign the divorce papers so she doesn’t stick him for alimony). So what does she do, can you guess this one? Well if you are a stripper with a goal for making large cash, you capitalize as best you can right? That’s right, the ultimate cash cow, the TELL ALL BOOK. Seriously, who buys and reads this crap?

I just really wish that as a collective, men would just wisen up to this. The worst is when you see that the trick had a beautiful wife and kids at home… fooling himself that this seductress can make him happy. I review movies, and I love a fairy-tale romance, I also know that a ton of young money making men have delusions of playboy status. Banging as many women as possible to be a man’s man, but that is a thing of folklore, tales and storybooks. In reality the stripper will f— your body, your mind and then your liquid assets. If you haven’t figured that out by now as a man and you still go in there for more than a night of $20 entertainment then you are a hopeless fool.

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  • Daisy

    I really enjoyed this article. 🙂

    • Ha ha

      U all r stupid for thinking u know anything about strip clubs or strippers. All of ur know it all asses must have been one or r one since u think u know everything about it. Including the writer of this article. I’m laughing at ur dumb asses lol.

  • David in Corpus

    I married one. 20 years and two kids later she is still picking up the sweet young things to share with me. We have a blasts. People call us Bonnie and Clyde. I recommend that men only marry strippers but…. that applies only to real men which is only about 1 out of 50 in America. Sorry fellas but most of you deserve to get hustled out of house and hole.\
    P.S. do not let her move one of y’all’s fkbuddies in with you. That is NOT fun at all, like having two high maintenance wives and you never get to pick where you eat out.

  • XxX

    For the most part strippers should be single women. If a man proposes to one, it should come with the deal that she should get a decent respectable job and thereby show respect to her man. I’ve known many married strippers and none of them are happy – EVERY SINGLE ONE displayed episodes of addiction or prostitution. Addictions are usually attention and money. Many have mental issues like bipolar disorder. If you want to marry an ex-stripper, sure, she’s moved on – but not one that can’t get over it. She’s an addict one way or another and has plenty of opportunities to cheat – including the dry humping otherwise known as “couch dances.” What normal, healthy male would tolerate his wife dry humping or exposing herself to other men?

    • “What normal, healthy male would tolerate his wife dry humping or exposing herself to other men?” I won’t lie XxX, if it brings in extra money and she’s not doing favors I could care less… but I am nowhere near “normal” so I digress.

      Thank you so much for adding your perspective to this because having known a number of people your insight is… eye opening and scary. I need to point some of my friends who are drunk off of stripper attention to your comment so that they know some of the “cons” with taking a girl out of the life.

      • Salvelinus

        Hey Greg, I date a stripper now. The jealousy kills me, but I love the girl and she doesn’t do any nasty shit. My drinking has picked up and she agreed to only do it for the more months. What do you think?

  • harlie

    I just wanted to say I’m planning on being a stripper after I have my baby. I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs. I don’t have an std and iv been with my husband for two years. By time I’m working it will probably be three. Taking into account breastfeeding and exercise. Right now I’m a stay at home wife. Always have a clean house and always have dinner ready. I’m loyal as a damn dog. And my husband has no problem with it because we will be able to send our daughter to private school. He makes enough for us to be comfortable but I want my baby to have the best education. And I will also be paying my tuition for college. You can find crazy britches anywhere. Not just strippers. And you can find wife material anywhere. Including strippers. My husband is a great. Man. And I love him and he loves me. I get that this life isn’t for everybody especially emotionally weak people or people with addictive personalities. But please stop labeling and see people as what they are. People. I genuinely care for every person I talk to so no it’s not just using men for money when it comes to me. I just like giving people a good time and someone to talk to.

    • Shimzy

      Hey. Don’t ever join the Stripping game. Just be a good wife. If u want a job, search around. Don’t live unholy life cos of your child or any reason. Abstain been a stripper bc Jesus Hates it. Its a sin. Lots of love from Shimzy. Thanks…

      • Salvelinus

        I tell this to my girlfreind now. Yet striping is she knows how to do. Plus I met her there

    • This bitch right here

      Bitch, shut the fuck up! Nobody wants to see your saggy ass breast-feeding tits and your fat baby gunt.

      Men don’t want to see your ass in “3 years” men want to see strippers who are 18-20, perfect bodies, never been overweight or had stretch marks and nothing saggy.

      If we wanted to see sorry ass 22 year old saggy bitches, we would look at our wives and sidechicks.

    • xstratusx

      Being around other strippers is going to change you. I hope you don’t develop a drug habit.

    • Julie

      U really think dogs are faithful “I’m loyal as a dam dog” dogs has sex to reproduce and will with every female/bitch is in heat. Only way you will have a female or male dog not screw another dog is they are nurtured or spaded!!!!!! Have the. Locked in back yard fence!!!! When another dog is in heat they’ll will have sex.

  • Pistol whip that hoe

    If a bitch steps out of line, you need to beat a bitches ass!

    Your granddaddy knew that shit and probably beat the shit out of your grandma when she got out of line. That’s why she was nice and didn’t get out of line when you knew her.

    That’s the problem with pussy ass men today. You need to beat a bitches ass!