Nov 30

Despite what movies and books depict, you are not guaranteed to do better than the cool people in your High School just because you were a social reject.

The one part of being the social reject that people tend to ignore in movies (and in life) is that the social reject that becomes the baller has a few necessary components to achieve success. Being intelligent is great but do you have drive with that intelligence? Do you finish what you start? Are you the type to stay up nights obsessing over your business plan, your invention, and your future money maker?

Many of you don’t but you assume that being the outcast in high school has afforded you the privilege of attending the class reunion in 10 years to laugh at all the hecklers who are now clerks at the local mall or mopping floors for the hospital that you own. While this may sound grand, I hate to break it to you but nobody will care, life doesn’t work like Hollywood… I am sorry.

Most of the Assholes in High School Don’t remember it

I run into people from High School from time to time that I had serious issues with and they greet me as if we were best buds. All they recall is that they knew me from some class we shared in school and they attempt to reminisce on the good old days with me. I especially remember the women that were nasty little girls back then and the temptation to laugh at them for getting fat or having a million kids by the popular boy in school who is now a dead-beat loser. If this was a movie then yes, all of that would be going on all over the place. But I know in my heart that in real life, nobody really remembers and nobody cares.

Don’t go to your High School class reunion looking to show off your shiny new PhD and pull Jenny Kessler the blonde stereotype that was the lust of all the boys back then.

Don’t go to the reunion expecting to be the talk of the night as they recall how you were such a loser yet now you pull up in your 6-figure sports car with your beautiful wife in tow.

Nobody you want to show up or show up with attends these things. Trust me. There is only one type of person that attends High School reunions… the people who had a clique of friends in High School, hadn’t seen them in years and want to now get drunk and high with them reminiscing on the old days.

In other words you will still look like a loser, except this time you will be the other type of loser – a douchebag with money and a prostitute on his arm. No disrespect to your wife but if your PhD and money is what she married you for then hey… do the math. She quacks like a duck!

Sometimes you’re just meant to keep losing

Life holds no guarantees but if you have the opportunity to change that reality it is 100% up to you to change it. Life doesn’t guarantee a change for you just because you got a rough patch growing up. Seize the day and make it your own. I know many “jocks” that had the beautiful girls in High School, were in the popular club and had everything going for them who are still doing the damn thing to this day. Most of the reason for this is due to their drive and willingness to put in work where it is needed. Other times it’s just the way the dice fell, those boys lucked out in life and keep on winning.

If your aim at success is to show anyone else up then you have already lost my friend.  While we see many movies showing how life rewards the socially awkward, the fact of the matter is it doesn’t. It rewards those who push and if you aren’t pushing then you had better accept the fact that life isn’t fair and will afford you no breaks outside of luck.

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  • Christi Pemberton

    Wow, what a Debbie Downer..well, Dudley Downer. Nothing is wrong about showing up to a reunion with swag, especially if you were bullied a lot in school or was considered a reject..but now you have attained a level of success. Its fun to see others do it, I just cheer them on. As long as you don’t treat others like dirt, then I say “Live it up!”. If you have achieved a lot, then don’t ever be ashamed of it, show it off in how you walk in with that room with confidence and knowing that you came out of it all stronger and better. Only people who are not confident in who they are and their accomplishments would call a person loser because they want to show it off a bit. I am always happy to see others achieve and to even show it off…it says to me that they made it, they love life, and no one should ever be ashamed of what they accomplished. Anyone who can’t stand that is just a little hater. While they hate, the dude or lady who made it are living life to the most regardless of what you ore anyone says.

  • Toki Nakamura

    exactly, working for your dream is everything, you pursue a dream because it’s YOUR VISION, it’s not to show off someone else

    Also, success is a mere illusion, there are plenty of more important things than being financially or socially or sexually succesful