May 08

After seeing the “don’t hurt me bro” performance of the legendary “Sugar” Shane Mosley last night after a few taps from Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquio, fans of boxing began to get distracted by other things other than the horrible fight last night. One of the main distractions was Showtime’s cross-hairs locking in and centering on Shane Mosley’s girlfriend: the beautiful Bella Gonzalez. While it was subtle at first being that the camera scanned her stoic face as she watched her man getting owned round after round, one particular episode showed her “fire” as she gets up to yell at the ring. Her getting up showed us her (clears throat) perfection and the internet exploded with a resounding echo of “GOTDAMN! Did you see that!?” Well I would love to say that I’m above objectifying a beautiful bird, but I am not, so I went out and grabbed pics for us salty fans that wished the fight was a little competitive.

Oh! And much love to Sugar Shane Mosley – a man’s man who looks like a 50’s Doo-wop king, dresses like a man of fashion, and speaks like he went to the Billy Dee Williams’ Charm school. The man has got taste, and if you’re a prize fighter it’s only expected that you pair up with a beauty… and what a beauty she is. I’m just a bit worried, given the choice of beating this up versus a heavy bag, I think most men would choose the former… but she looks expensive (snark!) If Shane expects to wife it up, I’m gonna say that he will not be retiring anytime soon. Fellas, is she worth it?

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  • Shinzo

    Yes, definitely worth it! Did you see the look of concern on her face for her man!

    • Lol I may be wrong for this but it reminded me of Kim Kap’s son on Fatal Fury the motion picture when he was fighting Cheng. Lol I was thinking “Shane Mosley’s girl is giving him the anime stare of determination muhahahaha!”

  • Ninja Bob

    Wife material? Yeah, for someone else. She’s attractive but Selma Hayek and Sofia Vergara are the kind of women you wife up if you’re chasing latinas. Plus homegirl gives off that gold digger vibe. If I was Shane, I would be trying to wife up someone like Richelle Carey. She’s fine and her career at CNN means she’s got some paper of her own and won’t be riding Shane’s bank account.

  • As De Laquix said in Bamboozled…”Emphatically…Yes!”