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There is a culture of impression that likes to place the onus of “boring” unto those who feel no need to act like an 18 year old with his first taste of freedom. You know the type, chances are you may be one of them yourself. Boring people don’t feel the need to participate in things that are not interesting to them, they tend to live—what appears to be—relatively safe lives, and they never seem to go anywhere and do anything.

I find it hard to label another adult as boring, I am way too grown to look for someone else to entertain me, or worry so much about another person’s reality that I run comparison checks and label them as boring. The last time I heard someone refer to a person as boring it was being uttered by a 16yr old – think about it.

Intelligent, self-sufficient adults will seem boring to kids. These boring adults save their money in order to handle emergencies, they keep a routine so that things stay together, and they left their irresponsibility back in the younger twenties where it belonged.

It seems so hard to fit into our society comfortably when you are judged at every corner for what is perceived to be your reality.

  • If you work hard to diversify your assets you are a workaholic.
  • If you are female and sleep with the guys that you date then you are a whore.
  • If you are male and a serial dater then you are a player aka a dog.
  • If you wear your passion proudly and it isn’t fashion-friendly then you are a loser.
  • If you party all the time and post up picture evidence of it then you are hopeless.
  • If you do all the right things as an adult you are boring.

There are tons of advantages to being boring, but let us look at why you are deemed boring in comparison to someone that is deemed as “cool”. I will use teenager logic here for accuracy (remember grown folks don’t having “boring” in their vocabulary).

Boring people can pay their bills

Not jumping on every opportunity to go out to Clubs, holler at random guys or gals, and get shit-faced 2-3 times a week, probably keeps some money in your pocket. If you eat out all the time and never run the metrics on how much cash you’re burning every two weeks give it a try and see how bad it can be. Now factor in the cost of mixed drinks at your local dive, plus cost of entrance, oh and that 3 am meal you have to get so as to soak up the wine, and you’re pretty freaking broke. Rich guys and high salary single folks need not apply.

Party hard and get in relationships

Boring people’s children probably respect them

Title says children not teens… teens respect no-one. Who the hell wants a mom or dad that is irresponsible with money and does all sorts of crazy excursions just to turn around and complain because you ate two bowls of cereal instead of one? Times have changed sure, but responsible parents will still put their kids first over going to the bar!

Boring people can have an adult conversation

Fellas, have you ever dated a girl that couldn’t sit still because she thought every waking moment was boring? I am a betting man, so I guarantee that you immediately put her in a bird category and chalked it up to a one-nighter and a goodbye message in the morning. I know I personally hate a fidgety (clears throat). There is nothing cute about bored people.

Boring people are probably reliable

Flighty, fidgety, spendthrifts, with no direction are typically the last people anyone would entrust with anything. A boring friend will be where you left them and have what you give them to hold. Am I wrong in asserting this? We all have “fun” friends, but what do we really think about them and their life?

The bottom line is this, being called boring is more a problem with the name caller than it is with the boring person. Being called boring is a manipulator’s attempt to get you to change in order to entertain their wants, and their insecurities.  It is a sign of immense immaturity.

Responsibilities, life, bills, and pressure is boring – these are things that an adult deals with every day. So don’t ever let it get you down. I would rather be boring that a burden on those I love, and I would think that most responsible adults would agree.

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    I started reading this article but found the author boring.

    • The troll game must be really suffering if this is the best that you can come up with.