Dec 20

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With the new upsurge in violence in the news this past year Americans have found themselves looking for answers to the ultimate question of “how do we stop this?”.

Some look at guns as the problem–with the increase of ownership directly reflecting on the number of incidents–others (that own guns) fire back that people are the problem and a gun is no different than a sword, knife, or baseball bat.

When one looks at the entire picture from a pragmatic angle one realizes that there may not be an easy solution and the people perpetuating the crimes would not necessarily be deterred if there was a harsher penalty levied for gun ownership.

One may even argue that tougher laws would serve to punish those who are responsible with their weapons and not the criminals committing the crimes.

What about self-defense as a solution?

I personally wonder if we were taught as a people how to deal with the threat of a lethal gunman if the casualties would decrease. Could a number of trained victims be on top of a coward with a semi-automatic in time to stop him/her or even slow the onslaught in time for others to escape?

Would people be open to this and would they agree to having mandatory drills inside schools and at workplaces taught by cops and military personnel on how to deal with deadly fire?

Gunmen rely on panic to wreak havoc and some of the power could be removed through education.

Why more gun control is a flawed notion

If the war on drugs, Prohibition of yesteryear and DUI laws were slowing crime then I would be on board with more gun control. Restrictions only seem to work on people who set out to obey the law; criminals will still pack and the biggest difference will be the difficulty in owning a legal weapon.

One can argue back that many foreign countries with gun control laws have only 1/10th of the United State’s mortality rate for people shot but a shift to be more like them would take alteration of the Constitution, a move to collect the endless number of guns that are already out there, and a few decades of adjustment. This would take entirely too long.

Other forms of attacks may persist

In the past we have seen mass destruction wrought from other sources than assault rifles. Take the guns away from a man desperate to suicide after taking lives and he will search online for the ingredients to make a bomb. Take the bomb instructions away and you have an incident like the one in China last week where a man assaulted 20+ children with a knife. Is there a solution?

I feel as if this is one of those questions where there is no solution outside of a band-aid to quiet the knee-jerk reaction of the communities involved. I also feel that we are in an age of Twitter and Facebook where these questions are asked when the terror is fresh but in a months time it will become old news. I hope in this instance that I am wrong.

Like I said before there is no easy answer to this but maybe one of you may get us close. So what do you think would work – realistically? I’m not talking about prayer (no offense intended) please share your thoughts in the commentary.

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  • Clara
  • No Debate Needed

    Before the usual suspects come on here posting their “I grew up with guns so they are a-ok” nonsense I will point out that USA has the most killings by guns every year so somewhow we need to ban them.

    Gun owners operate off of 100% emotion (big surprise there) so you can never expect a logical argument for why guns should remain attainable, jus spinning and fantasies about people shooting back. Ban them!

  • He who thinks before he speaks

    Re: No Debate Needed

    The problem with this country is the culture of violence. Guns are completely illegal to have in New York and Chicago, and yet they remain two of the most violent cities in the country. People who want to terrorize and inflict damage will do so.

    “Gun owners operate off of 100% emotion (big surprise there) so you can
    never expect a logical argument for why guns should remain attainable,
    just [sic] spinning and fantasies about people shooting back.”- No Debate Needed

    If this was the case road rage would be the leading cause of vehicular homicide instead of DUIs. The only thing I see operating on 100% emotion was your flawed and biased argument.

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  • Nia Syrah

    I’m not sure what the solution is, but something has to give.. I completely understand the need for guns for those people who hunt for a living or use them to put food on their table or even protect their household.. However, NOBODY needs an assault or military style weapon to hunt or protect themselves from intruders. Everybody agrees that if deranged people are going to do something crazy, they will do it regardless of the type of weapon they have.. If this dude in CT had just simple handguns or a rifle, the amount of lives lost would have greatly decreased..

    • He who thinks before he speaks

      He did have simple handguns and a rifle. A semi-automatic handgun and semi-automatic rifle fire at the same rate of speed; as fast as the trigger can be pulled. Fully automatic are those in which the rate of fire (rounds fired per trigger squeeze) can be adjusted. Those are impossible to get unless you are a gun dealer and pass and FBI background check. Those are actually assault and “military style” weapons. It make look similar, but does not function the same.

  • The Marksman

    I actually laugh at all of these “Gun Owners” freaking out. Most of the people who have guns (except people who hunt) have them simply out of fear. The truth is most people who “legally” purchase weapons don’t learn how to use them, and many have never even shot the weapon they own. If people want to keep guns for their protection in their home then okay, but I just don’t see a reason to carry them with you to Little Caesar’s pizza like one idiot did. The main thing that is needed is responsible gun ownership, which would mean just like driving a car you would need to be educated on the best practices to own a gun and proper storage procedures. I hear the what if there is a “break-in” argument all the time as justification, but the fact is most break-ins happen when the person is not home. In cases when they are home they are more than likely asleep and are caught off guard, and in home invasions it’s typically a group of people 3 or 4 who are armed. Several people busting in your front door when you don’t expect it is going to keep you from getting to your gun and doing something. Typically if you run to get your gun and don’t make it they kill you for it, so it’s an all or nothing proposition. Criminal already have the average citizen out gunned, so if it’s an arms race normal people will lose every time.

    • The Marksman

      Also, the reason Gun Control is the only answer right now is because it’s the only solution that does not cost any money. More help for the mentally ill, costs money and you have the Republican Party and voters who support guns, but want to cut social programs. The head of the NRA says armed teachers and armed security at every school, well just in the Miami area there are over 100 schools at $35,000 for each armed officer that’s 3.5 million dollars per year just in the Miami area. Once again people don’t want to have their taxes raised, so how would it get paid for? Gun Control does not mean “taking people’s guns” as they would have you believe, it’s simple hand guns legal, in your home no problem, register them, and get a license and require a basic gun proficiency test to get one. Hunting rifles sure, same rules as handgun. Assault weapons, I would say no all together, or yes and ban general sale of the ammunition except in emergencies (the russians invade). Eliminate the dumb ass stand your ground laws, and ban carrying guns into buildings. If you want to have a gun in your car that’s fine, so in your personal space you can carry. In Public you can’t unless you are law enforcement. Nothing is going to prevent things 100%, but we can pass sensible laws and not be stupid about it. My main concern is kids going to school and seeing armed guards will make them scared and create more fearful people. Our society is/will start to become distrustful of each other and we will have more

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