Nov 12

I follow a lot of blogs, I read them, I reply to them and I use them as inspiration. Some blogs are exceptional and the reason for this is due to exceptional writing, thought-provoking articles (I don’t want to read things I agree with 100% of the time) and professionalism through design. Ahh you see my last point? As with most other designers that have put years into this thing of ours, I can’t help but skip over blogs that look like an internet version of Zion in The Matrix. Blogs where the advertising links ARE the blog and others that have images crushed or stretched unnaturally (come on guys do better).

Nothing however will stop me from subscribing to someone’s blog faster than the obligatory “give me some money for writing” post. Fuckouttahere! It’s insulting; you aren’t asking for money to fuel some worthwhile cause or save your sickly daughter, you are asking us the readers to pay you for providing us with some opinion. Am I alone with thinking that it’s a dick move? Maybe I think this way based on the fact that I write here because, let’s see… erm… ya… I actually like writing? Hell I’m as big a money hound as the next guy but even I know better than to taint my community with online panhandling! will NEVER beg for money

Here’s the thing my friends, while you walk the halls of the Dragon, and take time to read our anecdotes of whateverthefuck,  we truly appreciate your patronage. Knowing that we saved some guy from tricking his check away at the strip club, or some poor girl from chasing a woman’s husband is enough for us to keep it moving. Unless there is a cause that we need donations for, a real cause like cancer, autism, etc. we will never, ever beg for money here.

So Dragon, how do you get paid?

Don’t worry about it; just enjoy the grapes, the accommodations and the lovely designs of the Hall. We aren’t here for a profit; we are here to lend some opinion in an already opinionated web space.

This rant article was spawned after seeing another blog I follow sink to this new low and removing it from my subscription list. I had meant to write this back when another average blog was doing monthly begging after the egotistical author bragged about being a well paid lawyer or something. The blog was littered with ads to where you couldn’t even discern a design behind the text outside of words and ads… sadly the guy wrote well so I withstood the eye rape in order to see what he was talking about. The begging eventually ran me away.

Advice to new and soon-to-be new bloggers

If you are starting a blog and you see others doing this and assume it is the way, please think of things from a reader’s standpoint. We all hate ads (unless they add character to the layout) and we all hate beggars, especially the ones who brag about their vacations and how much money they make. So if you wouldn’t want to see it, then for the love of god do not present it. STOP BEGGING!

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  • LOL!! Man!! I think the simplicity of a page is the best route to go!! The money and ads will come because the ideaof you having less ad means more demand to be on your site. I have told myself I am not going to have ANY ads until I build up myself to a certain level. Most of us don’t realize as well that a blog is not to make all the dough but to use it as a tool to have a niche to make money with the voice you have

    • Unfortunately many bloggers are playing by last year’s rules. Its not anyone’s fault though the bad info is still out there, just Google “how to make money from blogging” and you will find nothing but old advice. I think you have the right idea, develop a rep, a community and the numbers and then you can sell advertising to anyone willing to pay.