Jul 15

Creek28 - outside dining area

Creek 28
2727 Indian Creek Dr.
Miami Beach, FL

Creek 28 is located inside the Indian Creek Hotel, a boutique bed and breakfast with very affordable room rates. Right on the corner of 28th and Indian Creek Blvd, the name is easy to remember, and the place is just close enough to the hubbub of Miami’s South Beach, but far enough from the strip that you can find free parking on the side of the street. The ever changing menu is never a disappointment and the staff is so friendly that there are several “regulars” who frequent the restaurant for a few drinks and great company. The restaurant itself is very quaint, with vast outdoor seating, as well as a patio section for reserved private parties.

Kira Volz, the Executive Chef, is by far one of Miami’s finest. With no formal education, only hands on cooking experience, her eclectic cuisine style is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. I cannot recommend any one dish, as even the strangest sounding combinations, such as fig and chestnut ravioli, or grilled romaine salad, will make you close your eyes, sink into your seat, and say “mmmmmmmm”. Her lamb shank does not require a knife, as it falls off the bone at the slightest of touch with your fork and it sits in a shallow pool of risotto and gravy. I cannot say enough about the food and only wish I lived closer. Aside from the food, I have to mention the extremely friendly bar staff will make a mudslide outta this world and use only the most premium spirits for their cocktails. These women really know what they are doing when it comes to a mixed drink, and I strongly encourage you to have one. If you ever find yourself in the South Beach area, Creek 28 is a must for your dining experience.

Beauty and the eats - 5 Star Rating

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