Jun 08

henrys chicago styleHenry’s Chicago Style

33135 US 19 • Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Being a native from the Windy City area, I always try to find a Chicago style hot dog spot in any city that I reside. It’s not often I find one, but the craving is always there throughout my life. That’s why when I saw a random ad for Henry’s Chicago Style, I jumped at the chance to go. Even better, I found that it was close to my house and wondered why I never saw it. Then I went.

Upon arrival at Henry’s, I was greeted by a group of 16 and 17 year old kids at the register and behind the counter. No adults in sight. This was way different than my usual mom and pop experience – mom and pop were nowhere to be found. I didn’t care, as I really just wanted my Chicago style fix. I was excited about the prices – one hot dog was $3.10. However, when I got my food I realized why – they use the 4 oz links and pile on the other ingredients. Needless to say, I was disappointed that each bite contained more relish and onions than meat. My bun was a bit soggy as well, due to the hotdog water. I don’t mean to complain as much as it seems, however, I was just very disappointed. I’m used to my hot dogs being made with love and being the right amount of ingredients vs. hotdog.

But the crinkly fries were great!

Would I go back? Probably not…only because I don’t want the disappointment when I have my cravings. I do have to say that I’m not so sure this was the intent of the place, as Henry and company hail from Arlington Heights, IL, a suburb of Chicago, so I know they are aware of what the product is and should be. I’m just not sure that they are aware that the high schoolers from Tampa who are putting out their product don’t know what they are doing. Had the owners been the ones serving their customers like regular mom and pop places, my experience would more than likely have been different. My advice? Bring in the owners to retrain the kids, double up the hotdogs so the hotdog to ingredient ratio is correct, and for Pete’s sake, shake off the hotdog before putting it in a bun.

BnE two star

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