Aug 13

hamburgerJazzy Dog Café
1311 Sligh Blvd
Orlando, FL  32806

On the backstreets of downtown Orlando, located directly across from the train station, the Jazzy Dog Café has certainly made a name for itself with the passing through traffic.  The place is set up like a small diner with a few tables and bar seating.  The owner takes pride in her place, as she seems to always be smiling and greets every customer with friendly sincere appreciation for your patronage.

Open from 10am to 3pm daily, they specialize in hotdogs and branch out with what on the menu they call “a little something different”, which consists of anything from chili to Jamaican beef patties.  The price is unbelievably low, as anybody with a large appetite can be full after spending less than $8.  Don’t let the price fool you, though…the food is definitely quality and prepared with love. Being a native of the Midwestern Chicago area, I opted to have the Chicago dog, one of more than 15 choices of hot dog styles, and fries.  I enjoyed every bite and was extremely impressed due to the fact that I rarely find a Chicago style hot dog in Orlando that actually takes me back to my childhood.

Jazzy Dog Café is not necessarily a first date kind of spot, but I thought I would give you another option for dining other than my typical high end restaurant “wine and dine” suggestion.  This place is only open for lunch so plan your day accordingly.  You will not be disappointed!

BnE Review - 3 out of 5 Stars

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