Jul 02

Boheme Restaurant

The Boheme
325 South Orange Ave. • Orlando, FL

This restaurant is located inside Downtown Orlando’s only luxury hotel. I say this to make it clear that there is only one of these, and therefore, the hotel seems to bank on the fact that if wealthy people want to dine downtown, they will do so in this place. The prices are very high for the quality of food and the staff are very unfriendly to anyone who is not “dressed the part”.

I had the opportunity to dine in the Boheme during Restaurant Week, where the participating restaurants create a more affordable menu for those who love gourmet cuisine, yet cannot always afford a $50 steak. Usually the participants provide a 3 to 4 course meal that consists of smaller portions of their best dishes for between $25 and $45 a person. The Boheme seemed to spit on those who would take advantage of such a bargain, by serving roasted chicken thighs and a choice of soup or salad. It did not make me want to try anything else on the menu, as I feel my 11 year old daughter would have seasoned the chicken better. Those who know me know I can clean a plate. Not this time…

The lobster bisque was bland and thin and again – the staff was rude as all hell. After all, I just wanted to know why I had been in the place over an hour without my entrée, and why the waiter did not feel it necessary to at least stop by once in awhile to refill my drink?? I did ask for the manager to complain (yes, I’m that chick), however, did not receive an apology but a chocolate piano with “Boheme” written across the top. Date wise – it’s good for intimacy. But I stress the fact that when you get the bill, you are not paying for good food, but paying for the experience of a jazz band playing while you cuddle your honey.

Beauty and the eats - 2 Star Rating

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