Jun 25

Twisted Bamboo Bar and BistroTwisted Bamboo
Bar and Bistro

3687 Tampa Road • Oldsmar, FL

This restaurant has an atmosphere that makes you love the place before you even sit down.  The music has a mellow contemporary jazz feel and the staff is very friendly.  The seating is set up as to separate the intimate diners from the  loud fun of the bar patrons and each booth is equipped with backs so high that even a 6’5″ man cannot intrude on your conversation by just looking over the top.  There are pillows for your comfort and the tables are candle lit which makes this a great date night spot.   The covered outdoor seating is a nice compliment for those who enjoy the fresh air.

The menu is mostly Asian inspired with a twist of Hawaiian flavors in addition to a selection of regional favorites like Beef Stroganoff, Pad Thai, and  Huli Huli Chicken.  There are several tempting choices of steaks and pork chops for the meat lover, seafood, and even a menu for the little ones 8 years and under.  Everything is made from scratch with fresh ingredients and I can honestly say that I don’t recall the last time I cleaned my plate like I did at this place.  I recommend the Chicken Spring Rolls to start, and trying the Pad Thai.  If you are a light eater, the selection of salads are very exotic and I recommend the Mango Mojito salad or the Seared Tuna salad, as both are very filling without the guilt.  Drinkers will enjoy the alcohol choices, as it is a list of your favorites and others with affordable prices for premium bottles. I recommend trying one that is different from the norm, like the Twisted Chi Chi (a tasty deviation from the Pina Colada) or the Pomegranate Martini.  I did have a Mojito and it appeared to be a bit bland, but the Twisted Chi Chi was very tasty.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at the Twisted Bamboo. The staff was very attentive, and they seem to enjoy bonding with their patrons and making sure you have everything you need.  The service is very prompt and the food is presented well.  I think I will be back very soon.

Beauty and the eats - 5 Star Rating

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