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HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is a show that is loved by both history buffs and lovers of television drama alike. It outlines something of an alternate universe which offers up historical names and figures in a convenient tale of gangsters versus the feds. The setting (those roaring 20’s) is a time when whites and blacks lived separately in their own worlds, and each displayed a level of ingenuity in entrepreneurship that allowed a comfortable life for those who put their brains at work. Liquor was illegal and prohibition ushered in big business for bootleggers and business-owners savvy enough to sell it. The whites held Atlantic City at the ownership level and the blacks kept it running via cooking, cleaning and of course entertaining.

“You ain’t no Ma Rainey” – Chalky White

One of the major characters in Boardwalk Empire is a hood turned boss by the name of Chalky White. Mr. White is close friends with Enoch “Nucky”Thompson (gangster boss of Atlantic City) based on the fact that his influence brings about black votes to sway elections at Nucky’s request. Chalky and Nucky are owners of a club in Atlantic City known as The Onyx Club and like it’ s name indicates it is filled with black jewels, bright enough to keep any flapper dancing. One of the newer jewels in Chalky’s employ is a beautiful songstress by the name of Daughter Maitland and she is played by the dynamic Margot Bingham.

Margot is no stranger to singing in a club as she does it for real in gigs around New York City singing in the style of the 40’s, neo-soul, and even electronica. On Boardwalk Empire her Blues are sad and deep but you would hardly notice as she looks like a million bucks singing it. If you’re a fan of her soulful voice and other sounds of the show, Boardwalk Empire: Vol.2 features Margot and a collection of other artists. At the young age of 25, this is her biggest role and to be quite honest, as much as we talk about Boardwalk Empire around here, Margot has been the topic as of late.

Filmography (IMDB)

  • In Between Men (2010 -2013 TV Series) – Kendra Sharpe
  • Fugly!  (2013) – Gorgeous Black Girl
  • Boardwalk Empire* (2013 TV Series) – Daughter Maitland
  • Burning Blue (2013) – Devon
  • Malorie’s Final Score (2013) – Gila

Want more of Margot?

Check out her Twitter @MargotBrsvpFacebook, and of course Youtube. Chalky can’t seem to get enough of this beautiful Onyx Girl and neither can we. Hopefully this beauty will stay alive on the show and not go the way of that psycopath Gyp “choke me out” Rosetti.

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  • Carol Hughes

    Margot Bingham is a STAR ! She is a great talented lady and look forward to working with her in he next season of Boardwalk. Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks Orchestra