Dec 06

healthy couple eating

When it comes to losing weight, become muscular, and living a fitness lifestyle we always seem to put all of our focus on the offensive things (cardio, exercise, and weight-lifting) and never mention the necessary defenses. I call them defenses because they are parts of our everyday life and should not take much extra effort to do.

The following list can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help speed up your fitness goals.

1. Say No to Liquor

I know this is a tall order but liquor is a tricky drink to play with. Wine isn’t so bad as it holds roughly 80 calories per pour but liquor and mixed drinks should be avoided. Calories from alcohol are stored as fat within the body and manages to do some other nasty things too. Alcohol will prevent your body from burning fat along with preventing it from using other types of energy–like carbs.

What this means is that if you are going to drink then drink very lightly and by itself. Mixing in food with the drink will be like adding a multiplier to the fat grams that you are ingesting. Now you know why beer and pizza is the staple of the beer belly body-types so be careful playing with fire water.

2. Many Small Meals – The Fire Theory

If your tummy was a fire that you maintain for fitness then food would be the wood that is used to keep it going. Just like a fire if you keep good dry chips going into it the fire will roar strongly. When we don’t overeat and stick to small 300 – 400 calorie meals throughout the day then the fire burns hot. You need your stomach fire to be strong in case a big, nasty, wet log gets thrown on there–like a slice of cake or pie–because then it will just get burnt up with everything else.

Many of us eat 2-3 high calorie meals so our fires are very weak from breaking down the huge logs. When you next plan your meals for the day think on this theory and spread things out while eating often.

3. Sleep

The engine gets worn down in our day to day grind of diet and exercise so you have to allow it to wind down, recharge and improve. One of the most damaging things you can do to your body is to deprive it of sleep especially if you have a fitness lifestyle.

Lack of sleep increases your appetite (which you don’t want), makes you perform worse on your exercises and stunts your recovery from the days before. When you’re ready to go to bed take your ass to bed because believe it or not it really is that important.

* * * *

To get in good shape it is very important to have a good offense and an even better defense so remember to heed the things listed above – choose water over the sweet stuff and don’t give up on your efforts. Good luck.

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