Feb 18

I don’t know what it was that made me avoid them, maybe it was those terrible pictures that come on the packaging of a dude sans shirt in a pair, looking like nasty spandex guy. Whatever it was I didn’t want anything to do with them, them being of course boxer briefs. The ex-girlfriend used to stay on my case to “try” them and I was so hesitant and against it that I didn’t even do it, see for me swinging wild in boxer land was the place to be. As a general rule it would be boxers daily except on the days where you had to do slacks (having a “print” is not cool, despite what Meatballs 3 tried to teach you.) Now I simply don’t want to wear anything else, boxer briefs are the perfect combination of both worlds. If you have to drop trou you no longer have the risk of ass-cheek exposure, and if you dare to wear tighter pants, you have the bonus that the briefs once gave. It’s a win/win situation!

Not to say that boxers no longer have their place, unless you sleep in the raw (I don’t not after learning about a dreaded creature called the Popo-Bawa that can rob your manhood mid sleep) sleeping with boxers is simply too comfortable an experience to give up. But if I am playing Joe Corporate, Joe Athlete or Joe Blogger at the coffee shop, you better believe that I am in a pair of boxer-briefs. It’s become an obsession for me of sorts, since I buy a pack whenever I am in a store, a man cannot have enough underwear and socks I tell ya.

Mistakes Made in The Past

There was a time when I experimented with underwear, I had a chick with me who really dug the briefs on muscular guy look and sung it to the heavens whenever she saw me. So of course she gassed my head up beyond reason, I went from standard fit to the supposedly sexy bikini cut. I won’t lie they felt good and to her when I was in them it was like a bodybuilding strip show for her eyes. I took it all in, soaked it up and got too adventurous… one day I picked up what I thought was some bikini briefs and turned out to be the equivalent of a thong! I’m gonna spare you folks the gory details but having them on for 2 seconds felt like hell. It made me wonder at people who wear them that thin, how in the hell can you walk around with a wedgie cutting you up all day? Regardless of the girl I promptly stopped the upgrading and kept it to brief level.

Another woman would steal my boxers, it was seriously annoying because she loved sleeping in boxers but would be damned to buy a pair of her own. I couldn’t keep em stocked due to her, so again I went back to briefs – I swear recanting these memories makes me wonder at my not trying the boxer brief phenomenon before.

In Conclusion

For most women (chick in first paragraph excluded) the feedback hasn’t been favorable for briefs, but in the past I was bull-headed, I stuck to my guns – it was briefs, boxers and sometimes both simultaneously. Now in my older age I have ventured out and I feel foolish for missing out on this comfort that has been staring me in the face for decades. Boxer briefs kick ass and yes I know they look stupid but they are called under wear for a reason, we’re talking comfort here. I am a reformed man… in boxer briefs and  I am locked in, secure and ready to take on the world without fear of prints, pinches and extra swinging.

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  • Lol! I love this post! There’s nothing wrong with “prints, pinches, and extra swinging.” Lol. Nothing that I do prevents me from having a print, even when I have worn boxer briefs and boxers at the same time. I didn’t know that I was supposed to be hiding my print. I’m going to try to prevent the print in the future. Very fun and interesting post!