Jul 26


I recently had a conversation with a guy about one of my girls going to the strip club with her husband. His response was “wow…she’s a cool wife”, and then it occurred to me that not many women see the strip club as a place to bond with their man.  They instead see it as a competition thing, like, “I’m not good enough so he’s going to the strip club to look at other women..sniff sniff..”.  That’s a bullshhh way to look at it, because the bottom line is that a man will see, and probably even talk, to other women constantly while you are not around, and not just in the strip club. 

You have to know and accept the fact that some of these women are prettier than you, smarter than you, freakier than you, and more into getting your man into bed than you.  Which is why you need to keep it hot and spontaneous.  One way to do that is to accompany your man, not complain about it and turn it into an argument, when he goes to the strip club.  The following are some reasons why this will work in your favor:

1. Cool Points

Most men want as many “cool” points from their friends as possible. Having a girlfriend that is even down with going to the strip club is one way to make him the envy of his crew and he will love you for it.  However, don’t nag about his wandering eyes while you are there, then you won’t be the cool girlfriend anymore.  You have to have enough confidence to know and respect the fact that he’s only there to look and not touch (the bouncers won’t let him touch anyway).  Understand that he is a man before he is your man. Meaning…if he’s faced with you standing before him in a sexy outfit, and a topless chick dancing on a stage in the distance behind you, then he’s going to look at the topless chick. Doesn’t mean he loves you any less, just means he’s a regular warm-blooded man that loves to look at breasts. If you don’t have the confidence to deal with that, then you have no business dealing with a real man.

2. Great Foreplay

Strip clubs are great as foreplay.  Understand that it doesn’t matter how much of a “nice” guy you have – he has a stash of porn somewhere and the more uptight you are, the more hidden that stash is.  You don’t want to be the one he tells his friends “if Bethany caught me with these, she’d SO freak out!”.  That statement alone will make his ego shrink and his boys will look at him with pity.  Let him be a man for Pete’s sake. Give him some live bare breasts, a few drinks, and associate the whole experience with your presence.  Just like he probably wouldn’t mind you being enthused about sifting through his stash and watching a movie as foreplay, he wouldn’t mind you going to the strip club.  This is taken a step further in the next reason. 

3. Girl on Girl Fantasy

Going with him gives you the opportunity to partially fulfill his girl on girl fantasies by letting the stripper give you a lap dance when she asks you (and believe me, she will!).  Doesn’t mean you are bisexual or anything.  He knows you and knows it just means you are willing to give him a show.  Know that if you weren’t there with him, more than likely he would be the one getting the dance.  Again, associate yourself with the act and he will remember you, not the stripper, simply because you are much more tangible than she is.  If you are a bit timid with getting a dance, at least be willing to slip a couple of dollars (just a couple – no need spending dinner money) in her thong.  Trust me, by the end of the night he will not be able to wait to get you home and he will ravage you before you get two steps through the threshold of the door.  

4. New Moves

Going to the strip club may allow you to  learn a couple of new moves to practice on your man later on that night.  Strip clubs are definitely full of regular women with regular dance moves that are easily imitated.  There are only a few chicks that are somewhat of a “headliner” and have special moves that make all the money.  However, for the most part, if you pay attention, you can learn something, take it home, and your man may not even want to go to the club as much.  We can’t all be HBO after dark, but if he’s already yours with your normal everyday moves in the bedroom, then that little booty pop enhancement you saw a stripper do definitely won’t hurt anything.

There you have it.  A few good reasons to go see what the big deal is.  Oh, and one more thing…if you offer to go, and your man declines your offer, it’s because he is doing something shady at the club with his friends and he doesn’t want you to see any part of it.  If that is the case then he’s probably not worth the time and effort taken to please him with going there anyway.  A man that is totally into you will definitely welcome your company, as it allows him to combine the manliness of ogling at bare breasts with the sensitivity of saying in front of his boys, with confidence, “babe, do you want another drink?”.  While his friends spend their money on the lap dances, he will sit tight knowing that the majority of his money will be safe in the pocket of his pants on the floor once he gets you home.

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  • Atlanta_Man

    I met a girl at a strip club one time- a customer, not a dancer. I was out with friends, and she just plopped down beside me and started chatting. A couple drinks later, I had her phone number. She was good looking too. And a nurse. Talk about a weird experience.

    Strip clubs are great places to practice flirting and to get inside girls’ heads. I’ve gotten some great advice and pickup lines from dancers.. they’ve heard it all. Dating one is a nightmare… believe me on this.

    • Right on Atlanta Man. The more laid-back gentleman’s clubs that have girls who hang out (along with giving dances) has always been a good place to cut the sh-t and pick up on little bits of advice from women. You’re right those girls have heard it all before and can tell you straight up what works for them.

  • AriD2385

    Ah, this was written by a woman. I thought it would be bold of a man to write something like that. I notice that what is *not* on the list is: “He will have a greater level of respect for you and devotion to you.” Seems like this is for kicks and giggles–he’ll feel great at the time, but it’s a dead end.