Feb 02

Business Network Meetings are WorthlessNow, if it’s one thing that you learn early on in business, it’s that there are people that walk the walk and those that talk the talk. The talkers are many and the walkers are few and far between. Mostly, what you get is a ton of wannabes and posers. Now, these wannabes and posers, they will congregate, make themselves feel good, and share ideas that hardly ever go anywhere. A lot of these ideas are very unoriginal or aren’t very good. I like to use an analogy for them, I call them spinning tops, if you’ve ever seen a top when you pull it’s string, it’ll set in and spin, and spin, and spin. You could pull the string harder or faster but the most it’ll do is just spin faster without really going anywhere. Now, if you manage to tip that top over, it’ll actually gain some velocity and start moving. This is what a lot of these so-called business guys are, they are spinning tops, and they’re looking for someone who I like to call an executor who will execute their magical million dollar plans, and thus, make them rich.

Now I know they probably learned this process in business school. Find a sap, take his idea or have him work on yours and then reap the benefits. The problem is everyone has ideas including the executor. So, myself being an executor, I wonder where does the value of this so-called businessman come in? For instance, you have your memo pad full of plans, you write out your business plan as to how you’re going to accomplish these plans, and then you execute. If they work out, then you do yourself really well. If not, then you go back to the drawing board. But, the point of the matter is, you actually had executed what it is you set out to do. A lot of these guys, they just have ideas, and like I said, everyone has an idea. So, they are no more unique than the average individual who doesn’t have an enterprising type of mind.

The Social Network Meeting
You see all the sports coats and tie-less shirts strewn about talking, sipping Cognac and plotting. Everyone’s dressed up all nice as if for church and basically, you know, doing their thing in terms of sharing ideas. The problem with scenarios like this is that executors are few and far between. So because of that, you get a whole bunch of noise and very little results. The worst is for the new business guy who is an executor, who would like to get his name out there and possibly make some ties. He wants to pass his business card out and get his feet wet. This is absolutely not the type of environment to start out as a business man or entrepreneur. While you may get a couple good contacts, (there’s always going to be some diamonds in the rough) The sheer amount of bullshit, that he will have to wade through in order to get to these individuals just does not seem worth it. And as a newbie he will probably be scarred by a con-artist, non-paying, full-of-ideas, blow-hard pandering to get his hooks into the next sucker. I would say to use other resources more so than the social get-together in order to make things happen. Get a mentor, study some books and give attention to those who have executed not just the dreamers.

So when you go to these meetings, all you should be doing is supplementing your clientele with maybe some new clients, maybe some new vendors, etc. Something to help your business move forward, but the sad thing is a lot of people go there for the wrong reasons. They think that this is the right thing to do, they’ve heard this is the right thing to do. So they show up and people that are there trying to network, trying to get their thing going, will only get frustrated with them like I do. Having to deal with them out of politeness because they have absolutely nothing to offer in either sense of the word. So, that’s why these things annoyed the hell out of me and I avoid them as much as I can. A good network should comprise of everyone offering something viable and receiving something viable in return, a good trade-off not a time wasting event of drinks, bullshit and ego stroking.

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